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Hi I'm Mindy

I have been married for 16 years and have 3 children. I grew up in California and love the ocean.

About Me

I grew up as a pretty carefree kid, one of eight in my family. I always loved to be around people and just had a fun outlook on life. I still love people and find that they bring me great joy in my life. I also found that I love to learn new things like... I have learned the value of a good book as a young mother...now, I am never without one lurking on my nightstand waiting to be read. I have learned that I have a knack for doing things with my hands such as crocheting, sewing, crossword puzzles, typing or writing stories...let me clarify that does NOT include crafting! I have learned just how much I enjoy a good talk with a friend or family member and have learned to cultivate an ear for listening. I have learned the value of the follow through, once I was the one doing the delegating. I have learned how much my parents love me now that I am a parent myself. I have learned that I can do hard things because of the challenges I have faced in my life. I have learned to forgive myself and others. I have learned that I have many more things to learn!!

Why I am a Mormon

Having been a member of the church my entire life, I always believed the things my parents and others taught me and never felt the need to question it. This testimony had always served me well in my life as a youth, but just believing wasn't enough, my beliefs were about to be challenged and me right along with them. I wish I could say I always did everything right, but I can't, and so my true conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ came through daily repentance and committing to try harder to live my life as the Savior would. It is interesting to look back on moments in your life and realize how they have shaped who you are now. I had one such moment that changed everything. The day before my 29th birthday, my Mom and I were heading to the mall, when out of nowhere, my life, and the life of another, changed forever. A woman was walking in traffic and my car hit her and she was killed. Dealing with the aftermath of that tragedy put me on a path that eventually lead to a profound bout of anxiety and depression. During this time, I also became pregnant which greatly complicated my diabetes and the way I normally functioned day to day. I was so anxious that I was sick a lot, spent a lot of time in the hospital and all the while I had 2 other children at home who needed me. While I was struggling really hard to keep my anxieties at bay, I was still in a dark place. That is when I drew upon the knowledge I had that my Heavenly Father is always there for me, and most days, it was just me and Him working out this awful time in my life. Great friends and family tried to help, but depression is such a personal battle, and that is when I learned that this was a part of Heavenly Father's plan for me. He was there to carry me through those dark days and because I am on the other side now, I am able to help others through similar trials and help them feel of Heavenly Father's love through me, one of his daughters.

How I live my faith

I live my faith in simple obedience. If Heavenly Father wants me to be a visiting teacher, okay, I will do my best. Say I'm asked to bring dinner to someone...okay, I'll do it because that is what Jesus would do if he were here. Can I go visit someone who's lonely? You bet, because I know that one day I will be lonely too...my Mom taught me the Golden Rule! Will I be willing to minister to others even when it is hard? I will try to do it without complaining, even when I want to! These are the things that bring happiness, loving and serving Heavenly Father's children, being His hands on the earth. I also live my faith by knowing my faith. I read my scriptures to deepen my love and understanding of them. Living my faith takes great committment, I don't believe in a "Sunday religion", I live my faith every hour of every day! I live my faith by knowing my Savior, Jesus Christ, and acting as he would. I live my life cleanly, keeping out the influences of Satan in the world. I live my faith by loving my family and living in such a way that we can be together forever. I live my faith by being an example and practicing what I preach. And for those times I need to do better, I live my faith by repenting of the things I do wrong. The Savior made that possible through His atoning sacrifice for me, he paid the price for my sins, and I have faith that I can be forgiven. This is why I love my church, my God and my Savior...they all make me a better person, the person God wants me to be!