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Hi I'm Mindi

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a college student, I am engaged to be married soon November 19, 2011. I love hiking and being outside! one of my favorite activities is geocaching, it is like a treasure hunt! That's actually how my fiance proposed was through geocaching. He went out and hid a geocache next to a beautiful little waterfall on the edge of golf course so it had beautiful trees and was very green. We were in Arizona visiting his family and it was the last week of August so very hot, it was about 115*F every day. we planned on geocaching that day, me being very unaware of his intentions, we didn't go until about 8:30pm waiting for it to cool off a bit. By then the sun had nearly gone down we forgot flashlights, I had the gps coordinates and the cache hint in code, I made him run the gps because I always get us lost, he guided us to the place where the gps took us in the dark and we started looking around. I sat right on the rock it was slightly under, I missed it the first time and he encouraged me to keep looking. I found it and pulled out the code cracker, in code he had written "Will you marry me" in code so I sat on the rock and started cracking it and he knelt down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I said yes! it was very cute and creative. We met up at college at BYU-I, I am currently studying Medical assisting and I want to continue into ultrasound. I love this school it is a great place to learn educationally and spiritually and I love it!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because it brings me joy. My parents raised me in the gospel we grew up going to church almost every Sunday and going to mutual on Tuesday nights. I however did not stay a mormon because of my family. I love them very much but I was given the choice of continuing in the church or change. I remember reading the Book of Mormon and kneeling at my bed one night and said a prayer asking my Heavenly Father if this was fake or if any of this was true, I didn't get a feeling immediately but I continued praying and a few minutes later a feeling of peace washed over me and I knew that the Mormon church was true. Another experience I had was a challenge given by one of my leaders, I was going through a really rough time with school I was in high school and it just felt like everything was going wrong, and on Sunday this leader said that if you have any doubts that your Heavenly Father loves you pray and ask him and He will tell you he does, either through a feeling or through a friend some how He will let you feel His love for you as His child. I went home and a few days later I thought I would try it out. I knelt by my bed and asked Him if He loved me and I had a peace fill my heart immediately. I know it wasn't all in my mind because I had never had a feeling like that before. And every time I ask Him to send His love to me I still get that same feeling. When I go to the temple I have the same feeling. This church makes me happy, makes me want to be a better person, and I feel like a better person when I try to live its teachings.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by being me! I make lots of mistakes but I know that if I sincerely repent and have a change of heart then my sins can be forgotten and I can have a clean slate. I go to college at a church school Brigham Young University of Idaho, it is located in Rexburg Idaho. I love going to college here it is a place to become educated and earn a degree but whats different is we bring the spirit into the classroom. Each class starts with a prayer offered by the professor or student, no one is forced we each have a choice. An example of how we bring the spirit into the classroom is just yesterday in a interpersonal theory class our homework was to read a bunch of scriptures like Matt 15:11, where the scriptures teach us how to communicate. The spirit helps us to learn, many students still fail you have to work at getting a good grade, but you have the opportunity to invite the spirit into your heart and to learn with the spirit, God knows all and if you ask Him for help He will give it to you.