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Hi I'm Gretchen

I'm a wife to one man, and mom to two young'uns. I love my family. I love life. And I love Christ. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

After I grew up I moved to Utah to go to school at BYU and got a B.A. in English Language Linguistics. I can now officially speak English...yay! While going to school I met My Man and we decided we couldn't live without each other. I'm relieved to say we still feel that way. Our 1st son came 9 months later and he was so dang cute we decided to have another one 26 months later. We moved so my husband could go to law school and I'm currently learning how to be a single mom while my husband is at school all day. I am an excellent cook, a good musician, a decent artist, an improving organizer, and a failing gardener. I enjoy singing, painting, teaching voice and piano lessons, blogging, reading, hangin with friends, cooking but not cleaning up afterwards, and watching the Today Show. My favorite things to do are play hide-n-go-seek with my little boys, go out with my husband, and eat anything that has a good serving of sugar in it. I love nature. I love going on walks with my family. I love learning about my Savior through His beautiful creations. For example, I know He is an excellent artist. I know He is creative. I know He has a good eye for color combinations. I know He has surrounded me with all these little bits of Heaven because He loves me. Isn't life great?!

Why I am a Mormon

Although I was born into the LDS church, I have never really had a desire to leave it or live a different lifestyle. Rather, I feel very blessed to have been raised with the knowledge that I have a loving Father in Heaven who hears every prayer I utter. I feel profound comfort in the knowledge that I can be with my family eternally. I feel at peace even in the most turbulent times, knowing that God knows exactly what is going on in my life and will be with me to guide me through whatever I face. I feel genuine happiness knowing that I have a Father in Heaven who is cheering me on, hoping and helping me accomplish my tasks as a wife, mother, friend...I am never alone. I am never fighting alone Satan's influence rampant in the world around me, even within my family and marriage. My Heavenly Father and Savior are right here with me and that makes all the difference. My family is a major motivation for me to live righteously. My beautiful mother has advanced liver cancer and I don't know how long she will be here to comfort me, give me advice, talk me through recipes, and assure me I'm not failing as a wife, mother, and person. But I'm at peace with it because I know that she has lived her life so we can be together again forever if I live worthily. And I will. What a consolation that is to me! There is absolutely NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain by following the commandments and living righteously. Even if it does all turn out to be one massive hoax (no worries, I have zero doubt that it is:) I would rather err on the side of a happy, fulfilling lifestyle verses the no-God-no-worries route that leads to disappointment, grief, and pain. "And they lived after the manner of happiness"...that's my aim. The Gospel gives me a detailed map of which way to go and how to get there. That's why I live and love this Gospel. It makes me happy. It makes me feel fulfilled. It enlightens me and gives my life meaning. I have tested and tried it and I know it to be true.

How I live my faith

I feel like one of the best ways to live my religion is by just being kind and genuine to those around me- whether they be friends or strangers. There's so much crap in the world and I feel like you can have a great impact by just being positive. When I think about that, I think about the phrase, "the light of Christ." Christ illuminates the dark and dreary. He brings a positive energy to everything His light touches. I not only have the opportunity and ability to be a bearer of that light, but a responsibility to brighten the world around me through the light of Christ within me. Of course I can only do that as I live true to the Gospel standards. Like most other women in my church, I have been called to be a visiting teacher. This means that I am "responsible" for several designated ladies in my ward. I make sure that they are healthy and happy and I do everything I can to make them so. I love this program. I love the ladies I serve. Several days ago I was chatting with one of my good friends and we were talking about the ladies I visit teach. She exclaimed, "why do you get to visit teach all of your friends?!" I shrugged and said I guess I just got lucky but after thinking about that conversation, I realized that I didn't know any of the ladies until I started to visit teach them. After I got to know them better I realized how amazing, talented and fun they are and I became very close friends with each of them. What an inspired program! I love it! I have gained so many valuable friendships through visiting teaching and they have really helped me through some hard times.