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Hi I'm Kelly

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born in Bellevue, Washington. My adoption was arranged before I was born and my parents picked me up from the hospital when I was three days old. I grew up in a happy (and loud!) house full of seven children (all biological except for me). Music lessons were a big part of my childhood - I play the piano, flute and oboe. At 17, I headed off to Brigham Young University...17 and away from parental rules - it was great! I thrived in college and graduated with a BA in Psychology. I met my husband at BYU and after two years of dating we got married in the Salt Lake City LDS Temple. We now have four children ranging from a high school senior to a kindergartner. Since there are four years between each of my children, at times I've had four kids in four different schools. They keep me running (understatement). My teenagers keep me mentally exhausted and my elementary aged kids keep me physically exhausted ;) My love for reading keeps me sane amid all the chaos.

Why I am a Mormon

As a child I was Mormon because it was my family's faith. The love and beauty in our home because of the Gospel of Christ was a tangible thing. It is interesting because I am a very opinionated independent person but I never really questioned whether Christ was my Savior or His Gospel was true. That being said, as I got older, my testimony of the Savior became stronger. I read the Bible and Book of Mormon throughout my younger years for Sunday School, early morning LDS seminary classes before high school and in theology classes at BYU. When I was about 27 I attended a Book of Mormon class that changed my life...well, it changed my heart...in fact, I feel that I had the "born again of the spirit" experience the scriptures talk about. My values and actions did not change because I'd always believed, but my heart was more dedicated to serving my Savior. Besides the strong spiritual confirmations I have received that the Bible and Book of Mormon are true scriptures of God and that Christ is my Savior, the doctrine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints just makes so much sense (appealing to my consummately logical brain). We believe that every single one of God's children has the same opportunity to return to live with Him after they die whether they learn and accept Christ in this life or the next. Legions of God's children died/will die having had no opportunity to learn of their Savior Jesus Christ. We believe they will get that chance after they die and they can be baptized by proxy in our temples. They can accept or decline that ordinance - free agency reigns supreme in God's plan for his children. That is just one of many points of doctrine that just feels completely "right" to my spirit. God is no respecter of persons and loves all of his children. He would never confine His love to just one group of people.

How I live my faith

The centerpiece of how I live my faith resides in my home with my husband and children. We go to church and church activities as a family each week. We pray together daily. We read scriptures together weekly. We discuss Jesus Christ and His Gospel daily/weekly. The point of all those things being my ultimate goal of raising children with honor and integrity; children who love their Savior Jesus Christ and have a desire to serve His children. We participate as a family in service projects in our community regularly. We are far from perfect, but my goal is to teach them to live as close to their Savior as they can...to love and take care of those around them. All of that being said, I am still studying and praying daily to improve my own spiritual condition as well. I have a long way to go to becoming the humble disciple of Christ I'd like to be. One thing I have a very strong testimony of is the power of prayer. In my life I have experienced many hard things. My prayers are not always answered the way I'd like them to be (God is omniscient, I am not...He knows what is best for me at a given time). However, I do KNOW that He will always answer my prayers for comfort and peace. If I'm struggling and pray for comfort, my soul is immediately filled with warmth and peace. I am so grateful for that...

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

Women are absolutely equal in the sight of God and in the LDS Church! I am an independent, educated and capable person. Most of the women I associate with in the church are equally independent, educated and capable. I have never been made to feel anything but equal to men in importance in this church. Members of the church (men and women) are called to serve in various capacities in the church organization. Women run entire programs and organizations such as the women's, young women's and children's organizations. Women and men in the church counsel together and work side by side in the running of the church services/activities. Show more Show less