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Hi I'm Charles

I'm a Mormon. I have been one my whole life. Why? Because I know our gospel is true and it is the only church that makes sense.

About Me

I am a husband to a wonderful wife that I have known since I was 17 years old. We fell in love immediately and have been growing together in life and faith ever since. We met each other at a church dance at, what was once the Twin Falls West Stake Center. I am also a father of four children 3 boys and one girl. They along with my wife are what drives me to be a better person, they complete me and make me whole. When I was 12 years old my older brother introduced me to weight lifting and martial arts. Interesting combination isn't it. I competed in power-lifting competitions with my brother for many years. As for martial arts, I love them. I own a dojo now and teaching is a big part of my life and my families life. We focus on traditional Japanese karate, and jujitsu with weapons systems that are influenced by those specific arts. I really love helping people overcome their fears and find empowerment. I use martial arts and some of it's fantastic tools to help achieve these things. Because of the Dojo we meet allot of great people adults and children alike. That aspect is truly one of my favorite aspects of teaching. Teaching has also help my kids become more confident and better capable of communication. My oldest boy, has said that on his mission he was thankful for his experience teaching, it really helped him communicate better and understand how people learn.

Why I am a Mormon

Every member of the church whether born into an LDS family or not has to make a decision at some point in their life if the Gospel contained in the Church is true. That happened to me when I was 18. I prayed about the Book of Mormon and received a confirmation that all I had been taught was true. That moment changed my life. Suddenly it all made sense to me. Like a huge puzzle that was all of the sudden put together. Joseph Smith is a true prophet, the Book of Mormon is true, Prophets are here with us today. This life has a purpose and a meaning, to prove ourselves, learn, grow and develop and return to live with our Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ. Families can be together forever, death is just a stepping stone in our eternal progression. All these things made sense to me, I have learned allot since then but the basics are never changing. The gospel and the Church help us learn what our true potential is all about. We can be better people, we can learn to love and serve. That family is one of the most important things in our eternal existence. Family is hugely important, Husband and Wife. Husband and Wife and children, no matter how the family unit is made up it is important. The gospel is logical to me, it makes sense. I really can't put it into words very well other than it makes sense to me. I know it is true, I know that Jesus Christ is my savior, that he and Heavenly Father are two separate perfected and resurrected beings. They have the same want, mission, purpose and that is what makes them one. I know the Holy Ghost is real and helps me, guides me and directs me. I know the Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God and that he did translate the Book of Mormon. I also know that the Book of Mormon is a real record of the people that were here on American continent. The gospel is true and makes sense. It is awesome and wonderful, and helps us understand our potential here on this planet and after we die.

How I live my faith

I really believe that we should treat others as we want to be treated. I try to be an example in all that I do, I know that I fall short some times but I get back up and try again. Being a member of the church is not just a Sunday thing, we must live the Gospel everyday. Sometimes that is hard but it is always worth it. I true to remember who I am, a child of Heavenly Father, and what we stand for in our lives. When ever I am asked about the church or the church comes up in conversation, I will talk about it and try to help others understand what we are about. During my years in the church I have served in several positions, from presidencies to Sunday School teachers. I can't pick a favorite, but this I can say they all had there blessings. I learned allot in every position. That is what was great, learning by doing. Most of the time you learn more by teaching that by listening. I think that is why we ask many different people to serve in different positions in the church, that way they learn by teaching and doing. The example my parents set for me was profound, they went to church every Sunday. I learned allot from my parents and mostly from my Dad. Not only did he teach by example he also taught by words, through family home evening or by just talking with me about the history of the gospel, both modern and ancient. The scripture say that by their fruits ye shall know them. I hope that I am recognized as a member of the church by my example and can live worthy of the gospel in my life.