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Hi I'm Amy

I was born in MO, both of my parents are converts (joined the church later in life), and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love sports, especially swimming but will try nearly any sport someone wants to teach me. I love to dance and I love to make all sorts of crafts. I'm pretty cheesy when it comes to being and making creative things. It's the best. :) School has never come easy for me and I've always had to work at least twice as hard as others to get the work done and get good grades. However, like all good hard things, it's been well worth it. I'm terrified of heights but love to rock climb and be outside.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in this church. Both of my parents joined the church later in life. I've always been extremely grateful that they joined so that I could be a full partaker of this gospel my whole life. Where I live and the associates that are around me I have seen both sides of the fence. I've seen how drinking can break apart a family, how unclean thoughts and actions can pull a once loving and caring for each other couple apart, and continual lies can become a way of life and push away once's family. Being a member of this church doesn't make me blind or ignorant of the world, but instead helps me see what could have and still can be compared to what thankfully is and can continue to be as I continue down the path I have chosen. The world and society says that this gospel is constrictive and full of a lot of "can't dos". I've seen loved ones do all of the world's "can dos and you'll be happier" and have seen their lives and their families ripped apart at the seams. I have the freewill, the free agency to do whatever it is that I want to do. I can go out right now and drink or smoke, I do have that choice; but once I make that choice my once freewill and free agency has been taken away from me and I have now become the will of that substance and now unable to choice for myself. That's why they are called "addicted substances/alcoholism" because once they are done, it is incredibly hard to stop them. I've seen loved ones do those things we "can't do" and the affects they have taken in their lives. I've made the choice to be free and to choose for myself my whole life. If your child is running with scissors we wouldn't say, "Well, I don't want to impede on their free agency." We would run after them and take it away because we love them. That is just like our Father in Heaven. He loves us so much and wants to protect us so He gives us commandments. In the Bible it reads in Matthew 7:16 "Ye shall know them by their fruits." I encourage you to find out for yourself too.

How I live my faith

Every year my family loves to participate in the MS walks and other community service projects like sorting and bagging food to go out to those in real need and other such service oriented things. It not only helps others but also has a way of bringing your family closer together as you serve others together. As a Ward we have wonderful opportunities to do cleaning up, humanitarian packages, and other service projects every year for the community and the world. I teach the young women in my Ward and love to do it! It's so much fun to get to know them, hear what they are excited about, how their weeks went, and what they are doing in school. They are some of the most incredible women I have the opportunity to know.