Erin: Mormon.

Hi I'm Erin

About Me

I am a wife to my amazing husband of almost 19 years, and a Mom to 4 wonderful and cRaZy boys. I am very blessed to be able to be a stay at home Mom. I choose to stay home so that I can be more involved with my boys and their busy schedules. I love to be outside playing! (When it's not 100+ degrees outside) I also love to read, hike, travel, have fun and spend time with my family! A little alone time or a girls night out with friends is also appreciated once in awhile :)

Why I am a Mormon

My Mother converted to the church when I was young. I was taught the gospel from an early age and always found it to be logical. The church was very family orientated, and coming from a broken home, I loved that! When I was a youth, I was very busy with my social life, work and school. Eventually, I became inactive. Being the stubborn person that I am..., I started to question the church and life for that matter. It is very important to me to know things for myself and not to rely on other's beliefs. It was a very dark, sad time for me. I soon realized that it was my Heavenly Father that I was missing. I needed religion in my life. I decided to investigate EVERY religion out there! I did tons of research, but kept coming up empty. At 19, I decided to pack up and move from Florida to California. I needed to make some changes in my life. After moving to San Diego, I met several lds (mormons) people my age. I was so impressed with them, that I decided to give the Mormon faith another shot. I hadn't found the peace I wanted and needed so desperately in the other religions I was investigating. I wanted to learn about the gospel from A to Z and then make an informed decision. I was taught the missionary discussions. I was instantly overwhelmed by the feeling of God's love for me. Something that I had been missing for awhile. I knew instantly that what I was hearing, and what I had been taught my whole life was true, and that I already knew it! I prayed to know the truth and got it,..again! I had never been happier! It's been almost 20 years, and I have never stayed away since. I am a Mormon because I believe it's teachings about my Father in Heaven and his Son Jesus Christ without a doubt. I love that this gospel simplifies your life! It's a recipe for happiness! I believe the Book of Mormon to be another testament of Christ, in addition to the Bible. I am a Mormon for SO many reasons, but mostly because I have found peace.

Personal Stories

Please explain the part prayer plays in your life?

During my childhood I had no contact with my father. He chose not to participate in mine or my siblings lives. At times it was very hard for me, but I was taught at church that we all had a loving Heavenly Father that was always looking out for us. I knew he loved us unconditionally and He wanted only the best for us. I knew that I could reach out in prayer to him whenever I needed guidance or direction, or even just to talk. I spoke to him OFTEN. I shared my innermost feelings, desires and worries with him. I developed a close relationship with Him, since he was afterall, the only Father I knew. I guess many would say that I missed out on being "Daddy's little girl", but I disagree. Through prayer with my Father in Heaven, I felt/feel his undeniable presence in my life. I felt/feel his powerful love and his guidance, just like I assume it is with an earthly Father. He has NEVER let me down. I LOVE this gospel and believe it in all it's entirety. I KNOW we have a loving Heavenly Father, who is aware of our needs and will guide & direct us, if we just reach out to him. :)

How I live my faith

Currently,  I work with children ages 18 months-12ys old at church. I LOVE teaching these children simple truths about the gospel. I also LOVE learning from them! They have such strong testimonies of their Father in Heaven and of their brother, Jesus Christ at such a young age! I am often overcome with gratitude for the opportunity I have to work with such sweet kiddos! I love teaching these childen how to simplify their lives, simply by doing whats right and following the commandments. I have also had the opportunity to teach the youth in the Church. (ages 12-18) I throughly enjoyed teaching them as well. I admire the strength of these young people today! There is so much craziness around them, so much peer pressure and filth. BUT, there is also MUCH to be grateful for and SO much GOOD in the world. I love how the youth in the church support each other and have a strong sense of self worth.