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Hi I'm Sherry

I grew up So. California, moved to beautiful North Idaho at the age of 18. Work in Spokane as a x-ray tech and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have always liked being outdoors, even when I was milking cows or moving water lines in our 10 acre pasture. My Dad taught me how to run a fork lift, so I worked with him outside. Camping has always been big on my list as a kid and definitlely this activity i did with my own kids. I took up skiing for awhile. I rafted the Locksaw River with my friends from work for 6 years and I only fell out once (that was a cold exeirience). I now kayak rivers and lakes in Washington, Montana and Idaho. I enjoy hiking. I did 40 miles in Glacier National Park and the scenery was spectaclar. Before this I had only seen Glacier from the main roads. One year my husband and I did a pedal and paddle (bike and kayak) from Harrison to Cataldo and back to Harrison. Besides my outdoor adventures, I find that my indoor hobbies of canning , sewing, creating new deserts, and knitting help to keep my creative juices flowing. I also found fun in giving gifts that I make. I have recently acquired a table loom of which I am very excited to learn how to use. i really enjoy dancing and Jane Austin's books. I like all the seasons, but my favorite is winter because I like everything about snow. I am a mother of 5 and a grandmother of 10.

Why I am a Mormon

My Mom joined the church when I was 5 years old. I enjoyed all the activities that the church had to offer kids and teenagers. At some point you have to find out for yourself whether what your parents have been teaching you is right. I do believe there is absolute truth out there. I also believe there is a God (a Heavenly Father). My Mother taught me I could pray to my Father in Heaven when I ever I was scared or needed help He would help me. All I know is that when I prayed the bad feelings would go away. If I had lost something that only a child would deem so important, when I prayed to find it , I would. These experiences, though small taught me to trust Him. So when I began to question what my Mom and others had taught me it seemed reasonable to ask Him. I know the Bible to be the word of God. It is the dealings of God with his children written by prophets of the old world. World history has shown us that science and ideas of people taught that the world was flat and nothing existed beyond the horizon of the sea. When science progressed, that idea changed. The Americas were discovered with inhabitants. How long have they been there? I know God is a just God and would not let these people go without knowing He and His son existed and He would do it in the same way He had done with his other children. Through prophets who would write down our Heavenly Father's dealings with them to help preserve the word for the people. I know the "Book of Mormon" is the word of God written by prophets who were among the ancestors of the Native Americans. It is another testament of Jesus Christ our Savior. This knowledge assures me the God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He loves us, his children and still communicates with us. I know there a prophet on the earth today that helps us understand the prophets of old and how their words still apply to us. They also guide and direct us with new revelation to help us stay close to God in a ever changing world.

How I live my faith

I started a labor union in my place of work to insure that our employer was being fair to all employees. I have supplied food with other members of my ward (congregation) to soup kitchens, and donated time to community food bank, pick up trash on our highways and bike trails. I'm involved in my neighborhood, we keep watch out for each other are there to render service when needed. In the church we are asked to accept callings (duties, without pay). I have been called to serve in the women organization in our ward, I ensure there is a teacher for our women's meeting on Sunday and make sure muisic is provided. Along with three other women, we organize all women in our ward to be visited by another woman every month to make sure all needs are being met both temporally and spiritually We usually only have one calling at a time, in the past I have taught young children from ages 3-6 year of age, teenagers from 12-16. I was the activities director for a while where I organized Harvest Parties which there are fun things to do helping us remember to give thanks to Heavenly Father for all we have. I was able to be the organizer of a special Christmas party, which was titled "Walk to Jerusalem " where you meet prophets that foretold and people that believed from the Bible and the Book of Mormon that the Savior was coming, finally ending in the city where you see Mary and Joseph as they were turned away from all the inns. I have organized Girls Church Camp for 100 plus girls for 5 days. All callings (services within the church) and services in our communities are to help us discover our own talents, to learn things, and to gain confidence in ourselves and trust in the Lord that he will help us in these responsibilities, all while being in service to our fellow brothers and sisters, which is service to our God. I read my scriptures and have prayers everyday to help me keep focused on doing the right things for the right reasons.

How can we come to know our Father in Heaven?

Reading and studying scriptures, and communicating with him everyday through prayer, asking questions, telling how you are doing and listening . Show more Show less