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Hi I'm Danny

I grew up in Central Texas. I own and operate several special event facilities around Texas. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a lifelong Texan, I enjoy sports, and I love my family. I am happily married to my beautiful wife and am the father of three fun, active, wonderful children. I love nothing more than to roll around with my two boys, and for my daughter's sake, paint her nails, just so she can tell her friends that her dad helped her "even though he is not as good as mom is painting fingernails".  I am a member of a business partnership of five guys that build, own and operate special event venues. I enjoy reading history books of all kinds and playing ball of any kind.

Why I am a Mormon

Having been raised in Protestant churches, I was familiar with Mormons in a small, yet negative way. As I grew up, I became more acquainted with Mormon missionaries through my brother's friend when I was 13 years old. At that time, I had no interest of joining the Mormon Church, as I already felt a closeness to God and felt no need to look in other corners for Him, but one very important foundational element was set which proved vital to my later conversion-I learned that Mormons weren't the weird, quasi "cult" people that I had heard about my whole life. However, by the time I was 18, I began to wonder why so many churches in existence professed to believe in the same Being, yet the doctrines differed enough to question the cause of such differences. However, unlike others, this question did not drive me to look into other faiths as I still felt firm in my own. Then I began to date an LDS girl. I knew she was a faithful mormon and had undeviating principles. I knew that she would eventually ask me to receive LDS missionary discussions. When she finally did, I replied, "that's fine, but then you have to come to church with me, and don't expect anything to come of me listening to these discussions." I went on to receive these lessons over a 5 month period. Finally, the day came when I felt I could not drag this process along any longer. One day I read a small part of the Book of Mormon, set it down, knelt by my bed to pray, and said, "ok, the missionaries are going to ask me to be baptized. I can't keep playing with these guys. What I am going to say?" Fully expecting myself to say "no," I felt a strong urge, outside of my own intellect, to answer their inevitable question in the affirmative-that I would be baptized. That day the missionaries invited me to be baptized, and I accepted! Just before that point and some time to follow thereafter, I became a student of the Book of Mormon, which I ultimately credit for the beginnings of my conversion.

How I live my faith

Two great truths that I learned while receiving the missionary discussions were that 1) Mormons weren't what I was told they were, which were non-christian believers, but that they were indeed christians. That was a big deal to a young man who was worried about his salvation. And 2) That I could bring with me what I learned in other Christian faiths and just add to it. So that is how I live my life. I have taken the foundational Christian principles and magnified them with my membership in The Church of Jesus Christ. Naturally, I work as other hard working people do in order to provide for my family, but in addition to working as a regular daily duty, I cannot go a day without studying the scriptures and praying at least twice a day. I have noticed such a difference in my day to day life when I consistently do those two simple yet peace-filling acts. Furthermore, apart from praying twice a day, I attempt to make most things a matter of prayer. Also, knowledge that the Gospel has brought me has added to how I view myself as a father and a husband. I try to enjoy my time with my kids as much as is possible and to teach my children correct principles, particulary by example and also by small, almost daily reminders, like asking them if they remembered to speak to Heavenly Father. I attend church every Sunday for spiritual worship and participate in other duties such as organzing a group of men to help others move, or helping a whole community in times of disaster, or more simply, checking up on several families just to make sure their needs are met. Furthermore, I have learned and put into practice the principle of tithing. One wise person taught me that it is wonderful that God gives us 100% of everything and that he only asks for 10% back. Finally, one of the most wonderful things I participate in is being beside my wife and learning from her quiet yet unwavering faith. My faith has strengthened tenfold because of her love for The Savior.