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Hi I'm Logan

I'm as much from Texas as I can be, am a husband and father, a BYU graduate, a manager at work, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My parents moved to Texas when I was little. I feel like I was blessed with a solid mind and got good grades in school, but really loved playing football. I wasn't the greatest, but I LOVED it, and played for 6 years. Now living in Texas as an adult, and raising my own family here, I really enjoy saying that I played "Texas High School Football". I got scholarships offers to go to a number of different schools for college (for academics, not sports), and ended up choosing BYU, mostly because of watching BYU play in the Cotton Bowl in 1996, but also because after enjoying the game of football, I was tired of the environment. The language, the crude topics, the drinking - it was all around you in those environments, and I wanted a break. BYU was a breath of fresh air for me, both literally and figuratively. I met my wife at BYU over 10 years ago now, and we've been back in Texas for the bulk of the time we've been together. We're the proud parents of 4 kids (3 native Texans!), and thoroughly enjoy watching them learn and grow.

Why I am a Mormon

I was baptised when I was eight, but often felt confused as I grew up as to whether or not I really, truly believed what I followed. I attended standard church functions regularly, and was by all accounts "active", even ended up getting 100% attendance in early morning seminary (daily religious classes). But I struggled with the fact that all around me people were having these "spiritual experiences" which resulted in crying and phrases like "I know with every fiber of my being..." and felt like I was out of the loop. What were they talking about? How did I know if it was true? I was at a youth conference around my sophomore year, and was not having a great time. I'd sprained my ankle, and had crutches. The comments that had left me feeling out of the loop, were really irritating me now. I went to one of the last meetings and saw this kid get up and listened to him share his testimony of the gospel. It wasn't long and drawn out, he wasn't bawling, he just said a few phrases, one of which was "We all feel the Spirit in our own way". It really hit home. I didn't start crying, but I knew right then that the things I'd been feeling for years were impressions of the Spirit, and I knew the church was true. Oddly enough though, as I left for college, as sure as I was that the church was true, I still had some lingering doubts as to whether or not the Book of Mormon was true. I'd read it on my own, and I'd read it with my family a number of times. As a freshman at BYU, a religion professor asked his class to read 30mins each day and to pray about what they were reading, just as we're challenged to do in Moroni 10:3-5. I did it, and late one night, as I was reading, I again felt it, as clearly as as I did when I was a sophomore. It was clear enough, that while I had always planned to go on a mission, my desire to serve was solidified. And that's why I'm a Mormon. Those simple moments where I feel the Spirit clearly, in my own way.

How I live my faith

I currently fulfill 3 different responsibilities at church. Once a month I prepare a 30 to 45 minute lesson for a group of 20 to 30 men where we discuss basic gospel principles. I visit a few families each month with another gentleman to discuss a variety of topics related to our faith. And most recently I was asked to coordinate Seminary instruction (the early morning religion courses taught to high schoolers) for students in our general area - roughly 300 kids in 12 school districts. I'm pretty happy with things right now, and feel blessed to be entrusted with as many responsibilities as I have.