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Hi I'm Harry

I grew up in Puerto Rico. I work in marketing with a medical device company. I am married and have 4 children. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. After finishing high school, I came to the U.S. to attend college. Life in the U.S. was both exciting and challenging at the same time. Mastering the language was difficult, but not impossible. I found the woman of my dreams and married her. After graduating from college, I decided to join the United States Marine Corps officer program. Upon graduation, I was assigned to an infantry unit out of Camp Lejeune, NC. Like many other Marines, I deployed for 6 month at a time and took part in the Bosnian conflict. After being honorably discharged as a Captain, I pursued an opportunity as a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative for the largest pharmaceutical company in the world. After almost 9 years with them and an MBA, I opted to join the sales team of a well known medical device company, specializing in pacemakers and defibrillators. I have since worked in marketing as a Sr. Product Manager designing balloon angioplasty products. I eventually became a Global Franchise Manager for surgical grafts and currently work as the Director of Market Development for a well known Orthopedic company. I have had only one hobbie and that is to create memories with my family. I have enjoyed being their coach, cheerleader, Scoutmaster, taxi driver, ATM, counselor, psychologist and best friend. But most of all, I have enjoyed being a dad and a husband. It hasn't always been easy, but it sure has been worth it.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was 10 my parents were divorced. I attended the Methodist church regularly, and the Catholic church every other weekend, when I was with my father . Being exposed to diverse beliefs, awakened in me the desire to find out the reason behind why so many religions in the world. After I was married and had my first son, I was most conscious of one day having to teach him about God. I felt I was not prepared for this immense task and decided to look into it further. I had several friends at work that were Mormon and out of curiosity I would often asked them about their beliefs. They were hard workers, responsible, respectful, kind and were always willing to serve others. They seemed very family-oriented and before long, I wanted to know what they knew. Soon after I visited the church's visitor center. While there I was given a copy of a Book of Mormon. Inside the cover was a picture of an elderly couple and their brief testimony written under their picture. I was very touched by it the first time I read it. My quest for knowledge continued and soon I experienced a very calm and soothing feeling everytime I prayed or read the book. Such exquisite was the feeling, that I decided I wanted to feel that way forever. I soon was baptized, but worried about my family's opinion about my decision to join the Mormon church. Doubt soon entered my mind and I prayed to God for a sign. I was invited by a friend to go to his ward one Sunday. I did and was quickly fellowshiped by the members and felt most welcomed. An elderly couple soon approached me and welcomed me to their ward. To my surprise they were the same elderly couple whose picture was in the Book of Mormon that I had been given at the visitor's center months before. With tears in my eyes (and embarrased for having asked God for a sign) I thanked them for having taken the time to write their testimonies in that book. A book that changed my life forever. I testify of the truthfulness of this church and of its teachings

How I live my faith

Once baptized I decided that I was going to try to follow the Savior's example the best I could. I committed to being a good husband, a good father and a good friend. I have developed a deep love for Jesus Christ and have learned to nourish it by reading the scriptures, attending church regularly, paying an honest tithing, praying individually and with my family and serving others. Thru my studies I have learned a lot about the mysteries of the Gospel and find great joy in reading the scriptures regularly. I have learned that I can't go thru life and endure all of its challenges on my own. I depend on God to guide me and would admit that I would be lost without the influence of the Holly Ghost in my life. I am very aware that I can live in this world without being of the world. I feel that some day I will have to answer to a higher power and this keeps me humble and on the right track. Challenges and temptations are all around us, but it is up to us to have the right attitude to deal with them and understand that they are just part of the "test of life". In other ways I am just like anyone else. I go to work, earn an honest living, go to lunch with friends from work and enjoy telling a good joke. I have been a PTA president, a basketball coach and have volunteered with the Boy Scouts. I go to the movies and love to eat out. In everything I do, I try to enjoy myself, while trying to maintain a balance between fun and moderation. I try to be an example of a believer in Christ, but even though many times I fall short, I will continue trying to do better the next time and endure until the end.