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Hi I'm Connor Hebdon

Hey! I'm a Missionary serving in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area and I love it! I enjoy every day, and yes, I'm A Mormon.

About Me

Well, my name is Connor. I graduated from Royal high school (the class of 2012)and am continuing my education at college. I am kind of tall, as it is a family trait. I have an amazing family with eight siblings. Out of those eight, I only have one sister though. I like to play my guitar or saxophone. While I was in high school, I went to seminary, school, and worked as a tutor followed by band practice and filling time with video games with my brothers too. We also loved shooting guns. I plan on going to college for Computer Animation at BYU in the near future. On the weekends, most of it is events, work, games, and then church on Sunday. However, Sundays aren't the only time I am a Mormon. Just like my peers, seminary started off our day with a spiritual insight on life. Now that I've graduated, life is a little bit different. My family helps me stay strong, and believe in our true worth and potential in life. They have inspired me to grow and to eventually attend college, make plans and goals, and start a family of my own to be able to be just like they want me to be -- the way I want to be as well. I enjoyed serving in the Pittsburgh mission (PPM!)and I am thankful for all of the opportunities to share the joy that I have been blessed with. The happiness that comes with the gospel can change lives as well as bless others, so why not share it? Now I work on our family's farm as well as studying Agronomy at BYU-Idaho. and there is more to come in the future!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon not only because that is the way I have grown up, and because I enjoy it. I have known many other ways to live but I wouldn't want to have done anything otherwise. I enjoy the lifestyle I have with my family, friends, and fellow church members. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is one of the best aspects of my life. Ever since I was little my questions about life have been answered by my parents, church leaders, or other family members, by a quote from a scripture or a talk by the prophets. It helps me be a better person, and to be happier throughout whatever happens in life. Going to church and participating in activities give me this feeling that I have a purpose in life that God knows me personally, and I have this assuring feeling that the church its right and true. The love of God can bless us all, and its really the only thing that we need. His love will spread through us in a way that will enlighten our whole body, mind and spirit - in a way I can not describe any more than an awesome life-changing experience. I am a Mormon because I have personally seen the effects of a life without meaning, a life without joy, and a life full of shame, regret, and heartache. That is a life I never would want anyone to suffer through. My life has been great because of the teachings of the gospel that help me through it. Life is meant to be the opposite of all of that, so Christ has given us a way to live to be able to change our lives forever. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is Christ's church! It will bless your life!

How I live my faith

My everyday life was like any other typical teenager but with a few more things added on. Every school day I had early morning seminary where I would start off my day with scripture study and a great lesson from my seminary teachers and from my father who has been a seminary teacher as well. High school life was drowning me in homework, but it all paid off in the end I guess. During my schooling and after I graduated, I worked at my school's Northwest Learning and Achievement Group tutoring program called 21st Century, so I could help other students to succeed too. On Wednesdays I loved to have been able to attend our church activities when I was in young men’s and I would now go to Institute since I am not in the youth category. We spend time together doing things that increase our knowledge on life and pretty much whatever we do is beneficiary to us. On Sundays we go to church as a family, in the same ward I was 1st assistant to my bishop and got to help my fellow priests and the teachers and new little deacons know what to do. We all learn from each other and tried to improve ourselves to be good young men. I also had many opportunities for going to stake dances, Especially for the Youth activities, Youth Conference, General and Stake Conferences, and church and family gatherings. Now i go to Singles ward activities and firesides and live my everyday life trying to be kind to others and to give service. Its all about the example you set and the impressions you leave.

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

Connor Hebdon
This question seems like a common misconception. We Do Not "worship" Joseph Smith, but we believe that through heavenly fathers guidance and authorization, Joseph Smith was able to translate the Book of Mormon and restore the gospel that we believe in. He is not the one we call our Savior as some may think, he was a good man that has greatly influenced our religion since he was lead by God to bring back his gospel of Christ. We believe Jesus Christ is our true Savior. Mormons are Christians too, our actual name is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and we believe in similar things as many other Christian based church. Show more Show less