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Hi I'm John

Growing up in Western Washington gave me a love of the out doors and water proof, breathable clothing, & fishing! I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My passions are as diverse as they are engaging. I refinish antique furniture, and I've taken Eagle Scouts to the top of Mt. Rainier. I build fishing rods, and I love to read historical fiction. Backpacking the Olympics and the Cascades brings me nearer to God than any other place on earth. Bicycling and camping are passions that never seem to leave me. And yet, I find great peace in the scriptures. Their messages are often timely, and relevant to both my personal life, and the world as a whole. My testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ is the foundation of, what I hope will be, a life well lived. I love to captain white water rafting trips down the rivers of the Great Northwest. The solitude of a sunrise, having climbed the surrounding cliffs, is breathtaking. The friendship afforded among those working in tandem to conquer a river, brings teamwork and a sense of both gratitude and accomplishment. Steelhead fishing brings me in contact with the power of nature. To hook and battle these powerful animals, then release them back into nature, gives me an appreciation for the lives of all God's creatures. My vegetable garden is where I learn and relearn, each year, that there is a time for planting, for weeding, for watering, the harvest & the rest of fallow ground. To everything.....a season Finally service to community and people dominates my life and my time. "As I have loved you, love one another." This is the true and everlasting purpose of the Gospel.

Why I am a Mormon

While being taught by the missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, having listened with intrique to the account of a young boy, who had the same questions that I had, I pondered its' meaning in my life. The missionaries testified of the truthfulness of the restoration. Then one asked how I felt about what they had just presented. I said, "If it's true, it's the most important message anyone can ever share.... But if it's not, then you're just another good church!" That dear brother nodded his agreement and then shared a truth, I will never forget, "There is only one person who can not lie to you about this....Heavenly Father! I promise you, that if you will ask with pure intent, in prayer, and be willing to follow Him, the Lord will answer your prayers." That night I knelt down and asked about the message these young men had shared. While I didn't see angels or hear heavenly voices, I felt a peace come to my soul that I had heretofore never felt. And I felt the truths of the gospel burn deep inside my chest. While I knew very little, at that point, I knew that this was His church and these were His servants. My brother and I were baptized and have spent the rest of our lives sharing the gospel with others. We both served missions and demonstrate our gratitude by imparting truths, as we can, to those who are curious. The Lord, in His infinte goodness, has spared me many of life's lessons, by helping me understand the lessons found in the scriptures, and the power of serving others. I love the Lord and am grateful to truths come to me and my family, as we search and share. There is no greater gift than to receive and then impart truths that remain eternal. They are the pillars that spring from the foundation of love that God has for all His children. And the building, fitly framed, will withstand any amount of buffeting from the world. I am grateful to have been given a road that rises....

How I live my faith

My wife and I serve in the community, having done numerous cleanup and creation projects. We also serve on a working Board of Directors for another Faith's wilderness camp, located high in the Cascade Mountains. We love rubbing shoulders with good people of all faiths. Paraphrasing a leader that I loved, he once said, bring to us your Faith and your Works, your Knowledge, and your Friendship. Let's see if we can't add to it! I have been a political activist for causes that I believe in. At times, I have worked with and given my strong opinions to our local civic leaders. I have fought for, and against issues as they arise. And, on more than a few occasions, those that I work with, for and against, have approached me and said, "You're a Mormon, aren't you!?!" When asked how they knew, their replies boiled down to principles and standards. While we are all unique, the foundation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is our common thread through the fabric of many lives. At work, the commitment to hard, smart work and honesty, has helped many see the benfit of living a straight forward life. It is good to live eternal principles such as the Golden Rule and Service to others. Finally, to be able to share the gospel with my family, experience the heartache of watching their agency or free will, act in their lives, has given my wife and me peace, where there might not otherwise be any. We continue to love and listen to our adult children. Side by side, we can curb the selfish actions and see miracles happen where there might not otherwise be hope. A life will lived, adds to others, and builds the soul.