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Hi I'm Robin

I am an Air Force Brat now fully grown! I grew up all over the U.S.A. I am now a mom and grandma! I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am first and foremost a Mom and Grandma! I have been so blessed in my wonderful little family. I am single so we sometimes struggle but the Lord is always there for us! I work as a Service Advisor in a automotive dealership. I love the work and it pays the bills....who could ask for anything more, right? I have been struggling to earn a degree online, finding time is challenging. I am almost there!! I was in the U.S Army in the early eighties. I feel so humble compared to how our youth today serve in the military, may the Lord bless and protect them! I like listening to Glenn Beck on radio and tv. I think he is a wonderful person who tries to serve everyone in the best way he knows how regardless of how he might be hurt. I find as I get older politics is becoming more and more important. I have been trying to learn gardening. I have had pretty good success over the past two years. Canning my harvest is really rewarding when I open those jars during the winter months. I must admit though weeding in the hot august sun I often wonder if it is really all worth it. I tell myself that I best learn as much as I can now. I may need to grow my food later!!

Why I am a Mormon

My Mother began teaching me about the Church when I was young. I never listened much and we never went to church much so I didn't really live the gospel. I had a family of three children, then divorced, partied a lot and completely ignored the Gospel for most of my teenage and early adult life. I began feeling that I needed to turn toward the Lord at around 37 years of age. I started reading the Bible and Book of Mormon. I always knew that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God. This knowledge only allows one to go one way for if Joseph was, and is, God's prophet then the Gospel MUST be true. There is no denying or ignoring that knowledge once you have it. I have thought another religion might be much easier and more comfortable to my "natural woman". My knowledge of, and belief in, living prophets does not allow me to convince myself to try another church. I have visited others but they seem somehow hollow. I am blessed with a deep and abiding knowledge of the truthfulness and perfection of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. A Sunday School teacher once said, " so, you believe IN Jesus Christ, but, do you BELIEVE Jesus Christ! Can he really take your filthy dirty mind, heart and soul and cleanse and purify it to a sparkling white?" I do believe my Blessed Savior can and does do that for me and all my earthly brothers and sisters who seek after Him with faith, repentance and endurance! I AM A MORMON!!

How I live my faith

I try to live my faith. I have to say try because I am a bit of a wild woman. I have to start over daily. This is a great blessing from our Lord, since we are so very far from perfect He will bridge the gap for us. I strive each day to be a better person than I was the day before. I am blessed to be able to pray to my Father In Heaven each night in the name of the Savior and beg forgiveness for my shortcomings. I go to Church on Sundays and there, I am able to meet with others who believe as I do and who are there to learn more about our Father and His Son. One of the most wonderful things is the wealth of knowledge about our God that comes from living Prophets who have actually known Him. There is no greater salve for the human spirit than greater knowledge of, and a stronger relationship with, God. I go to church for three hours on Sunday. It is so refreshing to step away from the world like this each week. I have a new job on Sunday I will be blessed to teach classes for the very youngest of our members. I have had times when I have felt so inadequate to be teaching the Gospel to others. An amazing thing happens, I pray for guidance as I prepare my lesson and miraculously I deliver a lesson none could beat. This happens because God loves His children and those who seek His Spirit to help them teach speak with much greater power and wisdom than those who try to teach from their own knowledge and experience.