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Hi I'm Morrie

I'm a Mormon convert.

About Me

I have spent the past 25+ years working as an accountant in various CPA firms, real estate development and construction companies. This experience came after spending 7 years at the University of Washington attending business school for finance and accounting majors and attending the MBA program. In between this education period was 4 years in the Air Force with a tour of duty in Thailand during the Vietnam conflict. I am happily married for 41 years and have 4 children and 7 grand kids. I spent many years coaching my sons and daughters in baseball, softball, soccer, and basketball. Involvement in family activities runs in our family. My dad coached me in Little League and now my sons coach their children. My wife and I now try to spend time fixing up our home, working to support our family and planning for those retirement years coming down the road.

Why I am a Mormon

To start with, my childhood was void of any religious training. My church attendance was for marriages and funerals. I had some spiritual experiences while outdoors. So for me, there was a superior being, but he resided in nature. I did attend a Lutheran catechism class in high school and visited various churches while being a member of the local YMCA. However, I never felt spiritually touched while attending these services. Things started to change for me when I attended by sister-in-law's Mormon seminary graduation. While listening to some of these graduates share their testimonies, I felt that same feeling that I had during those outdoor activities. Now I understand that it was the Holy Ghost communicating to my spirit. It occurred to me, that it was an experience that I could not deny. However, I maintained my skepticism and had Mormon missionaries present to me their discussion three times. It finally became the most logical religion that I had encountered. I have yet to find anything of this religion that reflects any inconsistencies in all of the doctrine. I had an interesting experience the day after my baptism. I had just graduated with my undergraduate degree and was to have a final interview for a office product salesmen. During my final interview, the interviewer ask if I was a Mormon. He then stated that he was not sure why he asked the question, but I would be replacing a Mormon, who did not like the position. I then realized that the job required wining and dining clients, which was not a position that a Mormon could honestly perform to the companies satisfaction. Needlessly, I turned down the position and started on my accounting career. Since then I have enjoyed many small and significant miracles in my life, where I felt touched by the Lord's blessings. It is a wonderful experience to know that our Heavenly Father knows each one of us and loves us individually.

How I live my faith

Let me start by saying that either Joseph Smith had his vision of Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father, or he did not. If he did not, he probably would not have been martyred for living by his vision. He started a religious renewal that caused a spiritual gathering around the world. We have witnessed a growth from this vision to a 13 million plus church. The priesthood of Adam, Abraham, Moses, etc has been restored to the earth; the sealing power of Elijah is exercised in the temples. The Lord now guides us through prophets. The priesthood and the importance of the family unit has been reestablished to its premier importance for the eternities; and our knowledge of the great plan of salvation has been revealed through the scriptures that our Heavenly Father has provided to guide us in this life. I look forward to the Sabbath (the Lord's day of rest) as a renewal of my soul. This is mainly accomplished by renewing my baptismal covenant through the sacrament prepared by those who hold the authorized priesthood. Everyone gets an assignment to provide some measure of service where we support each other as "brothers" and "sisters" in the gospel. This service causes each member to learn how to emulate Christ-like attributes in our lives. Another aspect of Mormon living is getting to know your ancestors and realizing how important the family unit is in the eternal scheme of the gospel. Genealogy becomes a key activity. You realize that you have become the link between your ancestors and your grandchildren. This is the prime importance of the temples, where we unit families for the eternities. One of my important functions has been to provide priesthood services in the Seattle temple; one of 143 temples around the world. I am humbled that I can respond correctly to the questions that prove one's worthiness to hold a temple recommend. Please be willing to let the Holy Ghost into your life and realize the blessings that can be in your life.