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Hi I'm John

I'm a city planner. My wife and I are the parents of 4 children. We live near beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born and raised in New Hampshire. When I was 16 I decided to become a Mormon. Although I had been attending the church for a few years, it was a big change in my life. After high school I attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. I loved to be among people who shared my newly adopted faith. After my freshman year I served a two-year mission in California. Telling others about Jesus Christ and the church took me outside my comfort zone, but having the chance to stand up for my beliefs - often in the face of strong opposition - strengthened me and strengthened my faith. Seeing others make positive changes in their lives was very rewarding. I met my beautiful wife at BYU in a snowball fight. We have lived in Utah, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire during our marriage. We have 4 awesome children, two of whom are in college. In high school and at BYU I threw the javelin on the track team. My children have likewise tried their hand at javelin in high school and it has been fun to coach them a little. I enjoy racquetball and golf and wished I could do them both more. I could sure use the excercise! During my non-work time I spend time at home with my family. It's the part of life I enjoy the most.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in a Protestant church. I was taught about the Trinity - that God was 3 beings in 1. My mother became a Latter-day Saint when I was 8. There was opposition in our family to her doing that. Mostly my siblings resented the missionaries and how much more religious my mother had become. I remember that it caused a lot of hard feelings. As the youngest of 6 children, I adopted the attitudes of my older siblings. When I went to church with my mother I did not enjoy it - I wanted to stay home and play. For several years my mother would take me and my youngest sister with her to church. I eventually found a way to enjoy church. After a few years when I was in 8th grade, I was in a church meeting listening to someone speaking about Joseph Smith and his experience in the Sacred Grove. I began to think about the story of the First Vision, that Joseph saw God the Father and His son Jesus Christ. He saw that they were 2 distinct beings, not one being as I had been taught. I considered that point and acknowledged in my mind that I had always believed that the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are 3 separate beings as Joseph Smith reported. I even acknowledged to myself that I felt a common bond with Joseph Smith for some reason. That was a turning point for me in many ways. At this time I was not living a very religious life. In 2 years when I was 16, I managed to eliminate some negative things from my life and soon decided to be baptized. I believed the Church and Book of Mormon to be true. One of the missionaries asked if I had prayed to know the Book of Mormon was true. I said I had not and he challenged me to. When I prayed I received an answer that was as clear to me as if someone had shouted it at me. The feeling of the Spirit was unmistakable and confirmed for me what I already knew to be true. Since that time I have had countless affirmations that this is the true church and that knowledge has changed my life. I am a better and happier person because of it.

How I live my faith

As a Church and as individual church members, Mormons have pretty high standards guiding how we think and act. This generally makes living anonymously as a Mormon impossible. When I'm with others, they soon notice that I don't swear or drink coffee or alcohol, that I have more children than most people, and that I love my wife. It's not long before I'm asked if I'm a Mormon and that's okay with me. I'm not perfect by any means, but I enjoy trying to improve myself and do what is right. At church we all have callings - an assignment to serve and help out in a particular way. Some callings require only a little of our time while others require many hours each week. Two of my favorite callings were more demanding on my time and allowed me to work closely with other church members. As a seminary teacher I taught a dozen high school kids a religion class at 6:00 a.m. every school day for 3 years. Another calling required me to spend 8 hours at church each Sunday and more time during the week. At first I didn't think I could do these callings, but I quickly came to enjoy the callings and love the people I served. Each day our family holds a kneeling family prayer in the morning and at night. Each night we read from the scriptures together. Each week we hold a Family Home Evening with the whole family on Monday night. We pray, sing hymns, have a lesson, talk about our busy lives, discuss the gospel, set goals, and usually have a treat to close with (always a hit). Sometimes we have an activity instead like going to the beach, going bowling, hiking a mountain, or going to the lake. The children love it and we all feel a little closer afterwards. My wife and I go to the temple in Boston 1 or 2 times a month. We also visit other church members each month. These activities give us an opportunity to get to know and serve others and help strengthen one another's faith in a way we wouldn't normally have. As Mormons, we are very busy and love it.

Who was Joseph Smith?

Joseph Smith was a prophet of God who lived in the early 1800's. As other prophets before him, Joseph prayed in faith and received answers to his prayers. As a boy he was visited by God the Father and Jesus Christ. Later as a man he translated the Book of Mormon from metal plates buried by ancient prophets who lived in America over 1400 years earlier. He organized the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as directed by Heavenly Father. Through him many important truths were restored to the earth which had been lost for centuries. The bringing forth of these truths, the organizing of the Church, the printing of the Book of Mormon and other latter-day scriptures, and the declaring these and other truths throughout the world from such small and humble beginnings is the "marvelous work and a wonder" spoken of in Isaiah. Joseph Smith, like other prophets, did the work God asked him to do and gave his life in witness of the truthfulness of that work. Show more Show less