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Hi I'm Rae Lynne

Hello, my husband and I are from a small town in Colorado. We own an auto repair shop, and have raised five kids. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

In our small town we own one of a few auto repair shops. People like our shop because we take pride in being honest and upright in what we do. We believe in helping the less fortunate and try to show Christian principles in everything we do. Sometimes it's like when you don't know what to do you go to your dad for help. My husband is like "Dad" to the whole town. He gives out advice or help or whatever is needed. I've even seen him hold a customer while she cried because her car was going to be so expensive to fix. We frequently find ourselves handing out all kinds of advice. People have come to us for marital advice, parenting advice, auto advice. religious advice. It seems we spend a lot of time comforting people and cheering them up. On top of this we have raised five children. Some of them were even home-schooled. We try to start every day with scripture study and family prayer. Two of our children are married and between them have given us one lovely granddaughter and two cute grandsons. Our family likes to camp, fish and play for our recreation. Being with each other is the most important thing we could do. In our spare time we garden and work on our poor old house to fix it up and modernize it. We have fixed houses and resold them in the past as big family projects. This helps us to learn to work hard together and to listen to each others ideas, and we feel a sense of pride and accomplishment together when we are finished. Family is where it's at!

Why I am a Mormon

I was born a Mormon. I was born in the LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City and you can't get much more Mormon than that. We didn't live long in Utah and as a result I have lived in quite a few of the western United States, including Hawaii. I grew up going to church, young women's, and graduated from seminary. However, I don't know that I truly believed until I had to go through a rough spot in life. My first marriage was a rough one. Coming from a home where my father NEVER even raised his voice to my mother, I wasn't sure how to handle it when my husband hit me. Over time things escallated until marital violence was a regular routine in our marriage. Because my upbringing put so much emphasis on marriage, it was hard for me to accept getting divorced. My kids had been placed in foster care by social services. After a year without them, I had to choose between losing them forever or leaving my husband. This is the first time that I really began to understand the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I had made a mess of my life. Christ was the only out. I chose my kids and moved home, started going back to church and accepted the gift of the Atonement in my personal life. All of the sudden the teachings of the Savior meant something to me. I felt like the parable of the lost sheep. Christ did leave the ninety and nine and come looking for me. As I looked back over my experience, I could see that Christ had been there all along. I learned through this experience that God loves me. For God so loved ME, that he sent his only begotten Son. That through him I could have eternal life. That was the beginning of a whole new life for me. My vision became sharper when I looked forward to eternity. I met a wonderful man, converted him to the gospel and married him. We were married in our temple and sealed to my two children. We were blessed with three more. Life is still up and down, but it is centered in Jesus Christ. For this I am eternally greatful.

How I live my faith

I think I live my faith in every day of my life. People have commented that they feel the Holy Spirit from me. Who knows. I try to live the commandments all ten of them. I also have committed through baptism to live a higher law. I have committed to taking upon me the name of Christ. I have committed to loving Heavenly Father and those around me. I try to treat others like I want to be treated. I find great comfort in the scriptures and try to make them a part of my daily life. I still screw up from time to time and make mistakes. But it is so great to be able to pray for and receive forgiveness for those times. Even when I make mistakes that I can't see my way out of (financial especially) the Lord always gives me a way out. I have learned that God not only helps us in our spiritual lives, but he does as he told Moroni in the Book of Mormon and gives us help in our temporal lives as well. When there isn't enough money to cover the bills the Lord has always blessed our creditors with patience until he has blessed us with money to pay them. All that I am and all that I do is guided by the Lord. I have come to know the reality of all this earth life. He is aware of everything that I do. I am all that I am because He first loved me. I encourage all people everywhere to take upon them his name. Live your religion and pray for the courage to accept all truth. If you are struggling, give it all to the Lord. I have many times asked Him to "gather me like a hen gathers her chickens" and He always has. He will never let you down.

What blessings can you receive from reading the Book of Mormon, the Bible, and other scriptures?

Rae Lynne
For me the blessings of reading the scriptures are so many you can't count them. I love the fact that the scriptures tell us that if we read and study them we will find treasures of knowledge, even hidden treasures. I am a curious person by nature and I find that the discovery of hidden treasures in the scriptures helps me to find excitement in religion. I have always found it interesting that Christ answers the questions posed to him by the Sadducees and Pharisees by quoting Old Testament scripture. Christ therefore, read and studied the scriptures of His day. I like to pattern my life after Christ and I find joy in reading those same scriptures that Christ quoted so many years ago. If you have questions, Pray!. If you want to hear the Lord giving you answers, Read you Scriptures! Indeed, you can become closer to God and our Savior by reading the scriptures than you could in any other way. In them you will find the way, the truth and the light. Show more Show less