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Hi I'm Steve

I grew up staying away from the Mormons, because I thought they were a cult. Here is my story, because now - I'm a Mormon!

About Me

It is a pleasure to share with you my story. I am 53, married and have 4 children. I also have three grandchildren and one more soon to arrive. Living in the Northwest, I work as a Radiation Therapist. As a convert to the Church, I have had many wonderful experiences...a few I will share, others are personal and sacred. As you discover the truth about the Mormon church, you will come to understand why lives are changed. My life changed after talking with my sister, who joined the church before me and when I spoke with missionaries and members about life as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Our family is struggling during these economic times. Like many others, we have had to turn to the strength of the gospel. It was the example of Mormon families and the guidance given to each family that also drew me to learn more of the "cult" I had avoided growing up. My parents were wrong and misguided when they told me about "Mormons." I was 19 years old, a student at the University of California, Davis and working as a fireman when my sister joined the Mormon Church...I was also a counselor for "Young Life" in college. Since I was very active in the Baptist church and I knew I had to save her from the Mormons...and so my conversion story began....

Why I am a Mormon

Soon after my older sister joined the Mormon church, I knew I had to save her from the cult. She would listen to me, but I had to learn how to tell her it was wrong. She spoke to the missionaries, so I would speak with them also and use their own words to teach her she was wrong. It was easy to find Mormon missionaries and even easier to talk to them when I said "Would you teach me about the Mormon church so I could be baptized?" I took good notes and went through the lessons quickly. I was called a "Golden Contact!" My objective was to listen only for those things that I could use against the church...at that time, I knew they were wrong and felt I didn't need to pray about anything they said. It was easy to lie about having read in the Book of Mormon or about praying for answers. It didn't matter how I got the information and I could change it just enough to convince my sister that she should leave the Mormon church. I had convinced myself that twisting the facts about the Mormons was OK...besides, they didn't believe in God, so to me what was wrong with that? When I was done with the missionary lessons, I said good-bye to the confused missionaries. I was ready to save my sister..... Armed with anti-Mormon brochures, lots of notes from the missionary lessons and a Book of Mormon that I really didn't read - I called my sister. You need to understand my sister. She was the only one of our family that had graduated from college and married a wonderful Army guy I liked very much. I loved and respected her so much. I told her I had finished the missionary discussions and knew that she had made a mistake by joining the Mormon church. Her knowledge about the Mormons was deep and real. She had spent years (not weeks, like me) investigating the Mormon faith and she easily addressed the best arguments I could come up with and then told me it was now time to "really listen" to her. She saw right through me and still loved me enough to now teach me.

How I live my faith

I listened carefully to my sister. I drove to Salt Lake City to visit with her and learn about the life of a Mormon "first-hand." While I read the Book of Mormon, she taught me and thoughtfully answered all my questions. I worked on the church fruit farm, which produced the fruit used to feed families around the world. I learned about the Bishop's storehouse, Deseret Industries and food storage. I listened to General Conference, where the Prophet and Apostles spoke about Jesus, the mission of the Church and how to live what we learn in the scriptures. All my life, I had listened to pastors and preachers talk very nicely about how to live a christian life. As I stayed with my sister in Salt Lake City, I saw a difference. "Mormons" had a true plan for following the Savior. Not only did the "plan of salvation" build on principles I already believed in, the strength of the Mormons showed in the "fruits of their labors." Many of those fruits were Temples and Eternal Marriage, home teaching and caring for each member of the church, Tithing and obedience to gospel commandments. The strength of the family and power of the Priesthood really stood out to me. I knew how important the priesthood was and the different Baptist churches I belonged to just don't understand priesthood authority or how Christ must establish a true religion using proper priesthood authority. The more I learned about how the Church of Jesus Christ would be restored - the more I knew I was going to be baptized into a Church that loves Jesus and is guided by a Prophet of God. One year after I joined the Mormon church, I served as a full-time missionary. I proposed to a wonderful woman on my knees in Temple Square and we were married in the Salt Lake Temple. My life was finally on track with the Lord. My family was growing and my testimony of the Mormon Church was unshakable. I could not deny the confirmations from the Holy Ghost and I knew the course of my life was blessed.