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Hi I'm Betty

I am a Mormon. I'm also a wife, a mother, a grandmother and a middle school teacher.

About Me

I grew up on a dairy and fruit farm near a tiny town in northwestern Michigan, about 15 miles inland from Lake Michigan. I grew up milking cows, picking cherries, driving tractors, baling and hauling hay, and doing everything else one does on a small family farm. I went to Michigan State University, where I earned degrees in Special and Elementary Education. I later earned a Masters degree from the University of Northern Colorado. My husband and I met at MSU, married after graduation, and moved to Utah, where he went to law school. After law school, we moved to Denver, where we still reside. I have been a special education and middle school teacher for 38 years. We have 5 children (2 boys and 3 girls). We also have 4 beautiful, precocious grandchildren. As our children grew, their various endeavors (especially athletic) dominated our family life. I’m proud to say I am a soccer (and lacrosse) mom.

Why I am a Mormon

Before I met my future husband at college, I don’t think I’d ever met a Mormon. As graduation approached, our plans were set: I would teach near Detroit, he would go to law school at Michigan, and we’d marry in three years. It was a great plan. But then my husband was offered a scholarship to attend the new law school at BYU. Although he loved the Michigan law professor who had made the offer (a former Bishop who was himself heading to BYU), we were inclined to say, “No thanks,” and stick to our original plan. But BYU didn’t go away - it offered to fly us to Provo for a visit. We flew to Salt Lake City and drove to Provo, about 50 miles away. We met with Dean Rex Lee, a man impressive beyond description. He forcefully laid out the case for BYU, then said, “I hope you decide to join us. Think about it. You will not regret coming to BYU.” And, that quickly, we found ourselves alone in the parking lot. While we had been blitzed by the charm and power of Rex Lee, we both sensed there was much more at play than that. We surprisingly decided the theretofore unthinkable: if I could find a job in Utah, we should come to Provo. Driving from Provo to Salt Lake City, a school just off the highway caught our attention. We felt impressed to stop to begin exploring teaching opportunities in Utah. I walked into the office, hoping to get a feel for the Utah market. To my great surprise, I was offered a job on the spot. The “if” part of our parking lot decision had been fulfilled before we even got back to Salt Lake City. We took it as a sign from on high that we should be in Provo. In a relative blink of an eye, we flew back to Michigan, married, and moved to Provo. In our 3 years there, I was formally introduced to the Church, I was baptized, we were sealed in the Provo Temple as husband and wife for time and eternity, and I gave birth to our first child. I’m very happy we recognized the Lord’s prompting, and chose to do the unthinkable.

How I live my faith

To me, "How do you live your faith?" is an odd question. While I imagine that living one’s faith would be difficult if doing so required the acceptance of doctrines or practices one had difficulty accepting, I've found that being an active Mormon requires no such compromise. To me, living my life and being a Mormon are one and the same thing. My husband has said that I was always a Mormon, I just didn’t know it before I was baptized. He may be right, because for me, joining the Church required no material changes from what I had always known in my heart. Being a Mormon – being family oriented, being honest, serving others, loving God – fits exactly with the way I was raised and what I have always known to be the proper way to live. It’s “me” and it’s very comfortable - I see no downside to being a Mormon. Certainly scripture study, prayer and guidance from Church leaders have given me a more profound, nuanced, understanding of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and his Plan of Salvation, but I’m happy to say those things have only combined to further confirm the truths I already knew in my heart.