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Hi I'm Shenan

I am a Wife, a Sister, a Daughter ...I am a mormon

About Me

I am a daughter, a sister and a wife to a very loving husband. I was born and raised LDS and taught since I was very young some of the principles of the Church through my family and seminary however fell away for years as I needed to find out the truth for myself... I found that my life was missing something and that I found myself craving the feeling of the holy ghost in my life more then I ever had before... I picked up the scriptures and moved home in an effort to strengthen my testimony and to be around people who TRULY wanted me to be happy and with no strings attached. Every chapter I read in the Book of Mormon only made my testimony grow more as I remember catching myself say "who wouldn't read this book... how could you deny christ" Not too much after that I met my husband while attending our Singles Ward. We were married ten months later and now we are first time home owners. I work full time and do photography while my husband finishes College. I love to draw... it's my way to zone out from the world when life gets a little to stressful. I love my life... and it has never been more blessed and at peace then when I am on the same side with my Heavenly Father.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because during my life many trials have happened especially at young age which made me really sit back and reflect on my life and why I was here on earth. I saw the pain of cancer come into my family and it taking away my loved ones. I remember seeing my Grandmother be diagnosed with bone cancer and quickly passing away. As a young girl I was devastated and remember being told that one of the key principles that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints tries to emphasize is that Families are Forever. In our church we believe in families being together forever even after death. This concept really helped heal my heart and allowed me instead of mourn for her death be excited for our reunion. Can you imagine it?? After you die having a HUGE family reunion?? Simple principles like this helped me piece together a small testimony of my church and of heavenly father and of our divine mission here on earth which has slowly overtime grown and will keep growing. I know that as long as I stay as clean as I possibly can and try to keep all of the commandments, and try to walk the right path that I will see my family again past the veil. That I will live with my heavenly father again in his presence. When I look at life that way.. with my goal being heaven, anything that happens here on earth doesn't scare me. Because I know through faith that I will be okay and that Heavenly Father is watching out for each and every one of us.

How I live my faith

In my ward there is a lot of need, a lot of room for growth. I am the Laurel Advisor for my Young Womens ages 16-18. I am so blessed to be able to be their friend and help guide them on the decisions and actions that I myself had a hard time with. I feel truly blessed that I had the trials that I did because without them I wouldn't be able to relate on the level that I do with these girls and teach and show them what mistakes can do to your life.. and that they are in the time that could affect the rest of their life. I also go out with my sister missionaries throughout the week to visit with families trying to find their way and the truth... it truly is a testimony building experience.

What is a “testimony” that Mormons speak of?

A testimony is something that is always worked on, on an individual basis. There is no standard of how big your testimony has to be because it's yours, something that is between you and Heavenly Father. A testimony is another word for having faith. A testimony however always has to be worked on. Think of it this way, if you've gone camping for the weekend and you have built a fire. That fire was made to keep you and your family/friends warm and protected. However you know how important it is to kindle the fire and add wood throughout the night to keep the fire burning strong otherwise your fire will keep getting weaker and weaker and will eventually go out, leaving you and your friends/family cold and in the dark. That's kind of how I think about a testimony. Your testimony is your fire that is keeping you warm and protected every night and day. However, you always have to keep working on it by reading the scriptures and praying. By going to church and learning the doctrine, by helping others and doing service when its asked for... or even when it's not. Each small task that you do adds another little piece of wood to your fire allowing it to grow and become stronger and stronger. Show more Show less