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Hi I'm Cortney

I came from limited means, I followed the american dream, I'm living the american dream, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am an average guy with an average story. I came from a loving home that didn’t have much. A family of five with parents that I’m sure had some crazy ups and downs, but loved each other and saw through those hard times. I met my wife in high school. Of course she wanted nothing to do with me because I was… let’s just say needing some time to grow up. During our college years I finally passed on to somewhat being a man and my wife finally caved in. We have four crazy and wonderful little children (they get their crazy side from mom, ok, that might not be true). My wife has always had the dream of owning her own dance studio and is now living that dream. I have been blessed to find success in the financial advising world, and a few years ago took a chance and started my own firm. Life has been good to our family and we have been very blessed. A lot of hard work and very long hours are backing those blessing up, but luck tends to follow those that put in the work. We have had our down times just like anyone else, but having a good relationship with my wife and having love in our home has given me a place to go to get away from all the crazy out in the world. Sure it’s a different kind of crazy in our home. But at least it’s our crazy.

Why I am a Mormon

All of us are who we are because of our upbringing. My parents joined the church in their college years. Ok my mom joined the church in college. My dad took a little more time to decide to take the jump. Their journey was not an easy one being the first and only member of the church. But by the time I was in my youth the church was fully apart of our family life. My home like most Mormon homes had a lot of rules and guidelines. These “rules” I was told would keep me safe and make me happy. I was a good kid growing up, sure I was a little crazy and wild, but mostly I just wanted to have fun. I never drank in high school, didn’t smoke, in all accounts you would say a good kid. But my willingness to follow these guidelines eventually came to a crossroads. I was considering serving a mission. Which for those of you that don’t know is a two year commitment away from home, my friends, my girl, and the college experience I knew I would be leaving behind. I wasn’t about to take that step off of my parents beliefs. I decided that I needed to find out for myself if the things I had always been taught where really things that I believed in. Well I’m here now, so it’s not hard to guess where my searches took me. The principles I was taught in my youth really did what my folks said. I was a happy kid, free form the pains that I saw a lot of kids around me going through. Well if it ain’t broken don’t fix it. Though I have had my problems in my life just like anyone else, my happiness from my childhood has continued throughout my life. I just only hope to be able to give that same happiness to my four kiddos.

How I live my faith

The Moto I live by is “you are the product of your choices". Every day we are placed in circumstances that we have to choose what course we are going to take. Some of those choices are hard and some easy. Some have huge effects on our lives, and other very little. I am no different than any of you reading this. I have a family, a mortgage, student loans, work; the list goes on and on. I have to wake up every morning prepared to choose the course my day is going to take. Sometimes I miss the mark in a bad way; other times I hit it right on the head. The key is having something in your life that guides that moral compass, and gives you a reason to choose the right. The church gives me that reason and has guided me and my family. But it goes beyond that doesn’t it. Logic tells me that the principles I am living will bring me happiness, but it’s not logic that gets you through the hard times in your life. Your church makes some pretty big claims. A 14 year old boy seeing God the father and Jesus Christ… come on!! For me even at a young age I always felt the spirit, even as I do now writing this, when I spoke of or heard the story of Joseph Smith. The best part of living on this earth is our ability to choose. Choose for ourselves what we believe in, and what will guide us in this life. You are here on this site at this time for a reason; something that you have heard has moved you to this point. I can tell you all day the things that I know to be true, but when it’s all said and done, only you can decide or choose what YOU will believe.