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Hi I'm David

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I served a mission to the England Bristol Mission in the United Kingdom. Then I returned for almost 3 & 1/2 years with the United States Air force located at Lakenheath, RFB between Norwich and Cambridge, England. I feel a very close kinship with the United Kingdom having spent over 5 years of my life living in their countries. I have 4 children but unfortunately they have not talked to me since 1994 when my wife chose to divorce me. I have been and still am active in the church. I spent almost 30 years working with Information Technology mostly as a project manager. Unfortunately shortly after 9/11 I was living in Utah and have several positions lined up which went away as the DOT coms fell. I was unable to secure work in my field and soon became unemployable and since have still not been able to return to the field of information technology. What I have begun to do is design inventions for many varied things( over 50) and hope that I can soon gain a source of means to get some of them developed. I also am aspiring to become an author of several books. I have written hundreds of poems, developed themes for three major books( Self Help, Family and have begun a series of mormon fictional/science fiction creations) I hope to present a rough draft for a publisher in the next 6 months.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born as the first in my family to be "under the covenant" That said I was not automatically to be Joe Mormon and from my early teens I explored and experimented with vices in many sorts and challenges to my faith as I attended many different faiths. Deep down I think I always knew the church was true, however, I went with alleged friends to their churches and sects and listened. I soon evolved to the point of comparing what I was taught as a youth sub-conciously seeking for the truth. Fortunately I did not have to wait until I was past the age of serving a mission and was able to do so, although I was usually 4 years older than my companions by the time I made it out. I have not been perfect since then and just keep on striving to overcome my faults. I do not go to church because others do. I do not go because I want to be with friends. I go because I find peace and happiness that is no where else to be found. I go because I know God Lives and is specifically aware of me and all others. I am a member because I have read the scriptures and do so regularly. I have learned from great men how to test the truths and to shore up my self to with stand the temptations that exist.

How I live my faith

So often when I have had work I have always quietly lived my life in a manner that we are encouraged and admonished to live. For example While serving in the USAF it would have been very easy to smoke, drink and carry on with the foul language of my fellow service members. It became easier when ever I was confronted on any of these vices and challenged to explain that I was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Then to explain that I was living commandments that I believe we were given by him to follow. Through this life I have first learned that living by example will make it easier to tell someone that I am a member of the church. I first will just be a friend and then when I am asked to participate in something that is not appropriate, I usually start with I do not do those things. Turning down a drink or a smoke is easy. Avoiding establishments and other places or activities becomes easier as associates soon understand that I do not nor ever will desire to participate. I was golfing with some friends from work when shortly after one of them learned that I was a member and he asked me if mormons believed in Jesus Christ. What an opening that was and soon he was seeing the missionaries. Another co-worker once after about 7 months looked at me funny when I turned down an offer to go to a bar with some of the other fellows. His response was classic. He said bluntly " What are you, one of them mormons?" and I promptly said "yes". Soon the whole office had me going with one person here and another there and we were talking about beliefs.