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Hi I'm Bryan Rodgers

I've lived in Arizona for 22 years. I'm a Fedex contracter and I have recently opened an auto repair shop. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a transplant from Washington to Arizona. I have lived here about twenty two years. I graduated from ASU in industrial Design. I'm a father and husband and Grampa. We have a hers, mine, and ours family. Our youngest is still home going to a year of college before he goes on his mission. We also have Thomas living with us. He is from Hong Kong. Last year he was in our home as a foreign exchange student. Thomas enjoyed his stay so much last year he asked to come back and finish his high school with us. It has been a great experience for all of us. My hobby is taking care of my business. I have seven vans and seven drivers that I have to keep maintained and organized. I love my wife she is a great support to me. I love my family. We have seven in our family, eight with Thomas, and eight grandkids. I do enjoy my family very much. I enjoy watching them grow. I believe that families are where the strength of America lies. Even though we face many problems I love this land of America where we are free. I have a shop that I have just opened. I would like to establish a trusted business that is an alternative to what is out there. I'm starting to buy and restore cars. My first car is a '75 Nova.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in the Mormon church. I gained a testimony of it at a young age. My dad was a Scout Master. I had many experiences in which I felt the spirit touch my heart and warm my soul. I saw the character of the faithful members and how they demonstrated how to live a Christlike life. They gave all, they had no prejudice, they were very loving, they were honest, their lives were dedicated to serving others and doing good. I love the church because it teaches the gospel of repentance. The Church teaches the members correct principles. It is up each member wether or not they obey or not. Those with faith jump in and live the principle or commandment then comes the understanding and the knowledge and the spiritual witness of truth. Mormons are not perfect, but generally they are trying to be better every day. We strive to be humble and eliminate pride from our lives. We believe that Christ is the Son of God; that he is the Savior and Redeemer of mankind. He is the example to look to. He is the resurrection and the life. Because he lives we will live again after we die. I am grateful for Heavenly Father. He is the reason for everything. His plan is for us to return and live with him. I know that he lives. He has answered my prayers many times. He lives the same laws that he asks us to live by. He knows all. He is all powerful. He is the father of our spirits. Thats why he loves us so much. Through his Son and the prophets he has given us what we need to know to return. I know there is a holy Spirit or Holy Ghost. He is the testifier of truth. It is through him that I have a testimony. He is the reason I have faith. He is the reason that I believe and go to church. He has touched my heart. Because of him I know that there is a God. That his Son is the Christ. That there are prophets living today. That the Saviors church has been restored to the earth.

How I live my faith

I have a lot of faith in this Church. Without my faith I would choose to spend my time in a much more of a recreational manner on Sundays. Sundays are a time to step back from the cares and activities of every day life. I do not attend sporting events or concerts or other activities that are similar on Sunday. I believe that specific blessings are associated with each commandment. One of the commandments is to keep the Sabbath day holy, and by keeping it, my faith is strengthened my life's direction becomes clear. We enjoy family dinners and gatherings on Sunday. I believe in being honest. I try to treat everyone with respect. I feel a great responsibility to lead my family, to help them avoid pitfalls, to help them want to be good, to have faith, to help others and so on. I am true to my wife. I know that if I wonder I will loose. I will loose the respect of my family. God will not sustain me and without him in my life, well my life would not be worth much at all. I love my wife. Looking at porn does nothing good. A man is fooling himself if he thinks he can look at low and lustful things and not suffer some detriment. I never have started drinking or smoking. I am very grateful for that. I think that if I would have started, I'd be addicted to both. I pay a full tithe. That takes a lot of faith. I have been given much. I must give to be right with God. I cannot expect him to sustain me if I am not willing to share what He has given me. I am a Sunday school teacher of a class of nine year old boys. I'm enjoying this experience even though it's a challenge. I believe that parents should be involved in the lives of their children. The should be taught; right and wrong, respect for others, to honor parents, to love, to want to be good, to avoid negative influences, service, honesty, obedience, to work, to stay away from those things that addict, to know God, to have faith, and to pray. I'm not perfect, but I am improving myself every year.