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Hi I'm Tiffany

1 of 6 girls, Mom of 4/3 of which are growing teenage boys,and still would follow my Husband up a Moutain for elk! I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm the oldest of 6 girls, also known as one of the"T" sisters. I'm married to my High School Sweetheart and still to this day I would follow him up any mountain! I'm forever in Love! Mother of 3 very active, eating me out of house and home sons, and 1 redhead beauty. My daughter and I often catch ourselves repeating the words,"If you can't beat them, might as well join them." she starts her first hunt this year and nobody has caught up with me in the elk mount department! i live on the football & baseball fields, with 3 sons I'm somehow a team Mom for something. And for this I'm greatful for Day spas! The bigger the boy the bigger the team! And the more they eat! We own a BBQ company, we love to feed the multitudes! Speaking of food, I love to cook and bake. We have 6 dogs, 6 horses, chickens and occasionally a pig and cow or 2. We are outdoor people. I love to be in soil. I love flowers. We love to be together as a family weather it's all six of us on the couch or our Bed watching our family favorites from football to America's Most funny Home videos. We do it together and we are a pack. (I'm thinking a bigger bed might be needed) and as far as my children they love being in my lap No matter how big or long. Or heavy I should say! My spare time I love to decorate. I'm always collecting ideas and writing. Love to journal. I love life.

Why I am a Mormon

I've been a member my whole life, born and raised. At age 1, my parents took me to the temple with them where we were sealed for Eternity as a family. Today I cherrish those words "Sealed for Eternity" They are words of comfort to hurting souls who have lost. I call it my peace on earth. My Family is Forever, and one of the greatest, priceless earthly material I have is my temple recemmend. It's my "Eternal ticket" to the Ultimate gift God has to offer. God is our Father, Our Heavenly Father, who wants his Sons and Daughters, us, you and me, to come back home to live with him and be Gods and Godessess with Him. I know that threw prayer no matter how big or small they are all heard and felt from a loving Savior, Jesus Christ. Who payed the ultimate price for our return to live Eternally. I know that threw His Atonement ALL things can be healed and ALL things may be Forgiven.Our Brother Jesus has felt ever hurt and pain for us. He has made it to where each of us will never be alone. A very Tendery mercy from Our Father, is a Living Prophet, who I will choose to follow loyally threw out my life, because of the simplicity he brings in my life, when I truly follow him and his teachings. They are Directly from God. I have read and continue to read the Book Of Mormon, which is another link from the Holy Bible of Christ life in the Americas and to our Eternal Happiness. I know that the Prophet Joseph Smith saw and heard the Living Godhead. The more I read it the more knowlege I gain about Christ and his love for us. I feel this strongly in my heart deep to cause my heart to pound, that without any question I know Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ lives. This is not the end but the middle and threw Christ Atonement we will all get a "Eternal Ticket" of Endless Happiness with all our loved ones Forever. In The Name Of Jesus Christ. Amen.

How I live my faith

I live my life the best way I know how. I stay away from things that might be addictive or harmful to my body. I want to always have a clear mind so I may pave ways for others to feel and touch the Saviors emblems every week as I do. I focus my life around the Sacrament. I know I can have my glass be 1/2 full always threw the The Atonment of Christ. I'm healed and feel loved whenever I drink the water and eat the bread on Sundays. The Atonement is all of life answers and solutions. It's here to comfort us in the darkness of times and lift us up always. "if we knock, we shall receive". When I see my marriage my life I see it Eternally. Not for life but for Always and Forever. Everything can be healed by the Atonement. My marriage was healed and kept sacred threw the Atonement. Today life's trials have simplified because of my knowledge in the Atonement. I know without any doubt that I can endure, and can have Eternally Happiness hear on Earth now threw the Atonment. This does not come over night. It is a vertical climb straight up hill always. But when the days come of being overwhelmed with pressure, anger, hate, depression, My Savior holds me tightly in his arms and climbs the steps I can't. And he doesn't let go till I can. I can continually have pure happiness and gratitude in my life when I take the Sacrement each week. I find myself sprinting to my 8:00am Sacrament Meeting some mornings. Because I thrust and hungrer to be able to touch His Emblems whenever I can. My motto for my marriage."Expect little, Give Much."I give all that I have in my marriage. And I receive the Ultimate of all Love. A Christ Love, a unconditional love an enduring love that builds a solid foundation a covenant that will be forever grounded for our children to build upon generation after generation. You can love your enemies threw the Atonement.

What is the Atonement of Jesus Christ? Why was it necessary for Jesus Christ to sacrifice His life?

The Atonment is the Ultimate of all Sacrifices. It's the Utimate Example of all things that are Godly. Love, Brotherhood, Sisterhood, enduring.... Purest example of unconditional Love. It was our only way we were to be brought back as an Etnernal Family. Not only earthly our Heavenly Family. Heavenly Father loves all his children. He wanted to have a way that he may reign with them again. Jesus Christ volunteered. He said, he would go. Set the Example, teach us the way on Earth to live so we may return to Our Father in Heaven again. He was already perfect, but still chose to endure all our sins. Everyone's. Threw ever pore he bled with agony. He felt every abandonedment every hate. He atoned for all. Show more Show less