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Hi I'm sue

i am a mother, as well as a grandmother,I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Currently, i am nearing my retirement years. I have arrived at this time in my life with my most precious accomplishments; to know the sweetness of companionship with my husband, to of mothered the most incredible people, to now know the thrill and delight of each of my grandchildren. I am most grateful for being allowed to have these blessings. I had cancer as a youth, my survivial is a miracle. I also am a survivor of an alcoholic father which left many difficult emotional scars upon my life. I have learned to try to develope interests such as history, horticulture, sewing, quilting, how things work. My sense of humor has helped me to cope with life, and to enjoy everyone, and everything.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the LDS religion, my father's side is where the church originated. However, my father did not maintain a lifestyle of smoking, drinking, even developing into a full blown alchololic. His addiciton was very harmful to our home, there were both phsyical and emotional abuses to the most severe levels. Each of my siblings, as well as myself were left with physical, and emotional scars which would impare our outlook on life. We moved alot in my childhood, attachment, or belonging to anything was not achieved till i was about 14. At this time in my life, I started going to the mormon church, mostly because I mean't some kids at my new school, and they invited me to come. After a while, I liked the "good" feelings I had every time I went. Over the years I have come to realize,accept and apply the teachings of the gospel of Jesus Christ, in my life. I intentionally tested the teachings because I am a very causious person, to know if these teachings are true or not. I have sought and obtained good, sound counsel regarding my troubled childhood, of which I am grateful for. But, my greatest peace has come from the feelings of warmth, and love as I have put to practice the principals of prayer, reading and studying the power of the scriptures, even applying the Atonement of the Savior Jesus Christ, which heals my sometimes troubled soul. Truely the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only antidote I know of which heals me. From this source I am able to participate in life, laugh, and love others, and even be loved.

How I live my faith

I have always known or felt that my Heavenly Father has watched over me. I also have always known that I have had a Heavenly Father, just like I know I must eat to sustain this physical body of mine. As my knowledge has grown of this gospel, so has my love for my Heavenly Father, and Jesus. I want to try to "pay" back to them the gratitude I have. I have taught classes in church, I have organized countless functions for men and women, children, my favorite group to teach are the 15-18 year olds, i love their candid perspectives they will share. Probably, the greatest attributes I have learned about the Savior from teaching others has been 2. The first, is to not judge others, we simply have no reason to make a judgement of another, that is the Lord's business, my business is to love, which brings me to the second attribute, and that is of love for others. Pure hearts that care for others are happy, and at peace within themselves. That's what my troubled soul yearns for after all these years, so I will gladly follow that true path, and do the best I can to love others. I also call it nurturing others, I have also observed how hungry each of us are to be lifted, loved and cared for. I believe I can be an instrument in Heavenly Father's plan and lift, or love or care for another. I love my Heavenly Father very much and I want to help Him. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen