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Hi I'm Gene

I'm LDS and a recent convert. I am happy and peaceful in my life, that's how much the Gospel called The Book of Mormon means to me

About Me

I was born on the south side of Chicago, Illinois, Beverly Hills. My parents lived there and so did my grandparents...on the same street. I went to Sunday school and was confirmed at St. Paul's Union Church. I remember Reverend Arthur L. Herries and receiving my first Bible on 6-14-64. The neighborhood was tough and overrun with gangs, the greasers. Dad moved to the suburbs in '68. The social scene was rapidly changing. I chose to play ice hockey and football. I listened to all kinds of music because it was family influenced. For the next forty years I ran around with different things going on. It wasn't church-oriented and no one in my family was LDS. I was interested in rock and roll music and all the hard core additives and unlikely associations that keep one from ultimately making worthy decisions. I wondered about the Creator and Comforter never drawing any closer than playing guitar for Catholic Mass and bass guitar for Baptist ceremonies. I was never really drawn to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or cared to be until I ended up in Chinle, Arizona for work in the construction trades. There I met my third and present wife in a grocery store. We got together and she asked me to church. I replied, "I'd love to." My first visit to an LDS ceremony was on the Navajo nation and when I entered the building and it began the light hit me and shone on me so hard it made me weep! I have been looking for this for decades and didn't even know why.

Why I am a Mormon

I am fifty-five years old and claim to be of my wisest disposition. I found peace as never before upon my first visit. It is the truth and knowledge I have been seeking and didn't know it until Tamara Lei Peters (Beyer as of May 29, 2011) brought me to my first Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The force of the Spirit of the Holy Ghost pushed everything else aside as the ceremony began. It was Fast Sunday and I heard the most beautiful testimonies from Navajo LDS people, singing and praying. The unexplainable and exasperating feeling that entered my heart was so strong I knew and believed that Divine and Omnipotent powers were present and taking hold of me. I accepted this feeling of joy and peace as I have never felt before. Being afraid of my surroundings and the indigenous people, I was amazed at the comradery and feeling of equality. I felt accepted by this glorious congregation and my new friends, including Tami, my wife, who helped explain some of the feelings anew inside me and the proceedings of the ceremony. I had been looking for something like this for decades. I've been to many churches and celebrations of Christ but none as true and strong as this exhilirating feeling of being newly discovered inside myself and by what I knew was the Spirit of God and His Son. I gave up drinking, smoking, substance abuse, coffee and tea, Tami and I practiced chastity until we were married and I must say that I was wondering if I could ever do these things, cold turkey mind you, but it happened on such a higher level of self-help that I was ecstatic and let it all work into my soul where it belongs. I believe in God and Jesus Christ now and they live! I believe in the gospel, the Book of Mormon, which is another testament of Jesus Christ telling of more divine inspiration in the form of humanities and religious studies intertwined with both testaments of the Bible as I've known from my ninth year alive and confirmed in a less impressionable state of my mind.

How I live my faith

As a convert to the LDS religion in my midlife I envy those that have been family influenced from childhood. I remember summer churchcamp as being clean, happy, unforgettable experiences that went away except for great memories. What was missing was the immersion of everyday practice. I can't remember anyone talking and praying to God in my neighborhood and at school. My father brought us the occasional visit to the Congregational Church and I love him for that, but there was almost a total absense of Living Faith. I know now that He has never left my side and I narrowly missed scrapes with disaster because of Guardien Angels. I wondered, infrequently about the after life and what happens to the energy everyone has inside powering their body across the universe, namely , your soul. The LDS practice is totally of the Faith. I am living my days following His commandments and the laws of man because it draws me closer to the Father and Son. I strive to live the gospel and because of the Atonement I have chosen to seek repentence and salvation. This is for eternity! I choose to live in the light and never in darkness again. My wife and I will be at His side for eternity, sealed together forever at rest with the Lord and with joy and peace. I read the gospel, the Book of Mormon daily, sometimes two or three times, and the accompanying literature as well because there is a lot to learn about the life of Jesus Christ and we are all in need of reviewing and refreshing this priceless information.

Why are only some Mormons allowed into temples? Is there something secret going on in Mormon Temples? What goes on in Mormon Temples?

Being a convert, I am in the first year of membership and an LDS rule is to wait one full year of baptismal membership before gaining access inside a temple. I am faithfully and patiently waiting my time to come. My visit to the temple will only draw me closer to the Father and the Son. There can be only the joyest of joys and serene peace as I have never experienced in my life. It will be a gloriuos honor to be able to attend the temple. However, I have a temple recommend to perform baptism for the dead before my year is up. What an honor and thrill this will be to be able to help those already on the other side of the veil, which separates mortal and immortal existence, to be accepting of the Gospel through baptism and thus gain a place in the Kingdom of Zion, heaven, and experience eternal joy and peace. You see, there are those of us whose spirit has left mortality before reaching the decision to be baptized in His graces. I will not know whether or not a departed soul is accepting of baptism on the other side of the veil of life, but what a concept to be able to offer such a wonderful condition of preparation while waiting for the holy order of redemtion, which is the time that Christ has chosen to let all the accepting, willing and righteous spirits to His side for eternity. Prayers certainly do get answered when praying at the temple. I know this is true because my prayers are answered all the time. True, sincere prayer is always blessed. Show more Show less