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Hi I'm Michelle Grego Beck

I've lived in Iowa most of my life. I have a husband, 7 children & 4 grandchildren. I volunteer, work part time & I am a mormon!

About Me

It has always been my nature to see the need in others and to help them out. I have always loved to have fun. I love to be among people. I have been employed as a medical claims examiner in an insurance company, a pharmacy tech, a nurse aid. It seems like I have always been a full time Mother to children of our own and to the children of others. At the age of 18, I married young. After five years of marriage, one child and a divorce, I became active in my church. I married a man who served a mission in Rome, Italy. Our little family was sealed in the temple. Six more children later, the youngest 15, I work at the hospital and am going to start back to college in the nursing field. I want others to have the best in their lives so I work hard to help others to feel good about themselves. I love missionary work so I am constantly praying to be in tune with those that are ready to learn the truth about where we came from, why we are here and where do we go after we die. Everyone should have the privilidge as God's children to know these things. It is comforting to know in this life full of chaos, that there is a purpose to our life here on earth. There is hope and we can make a difference in our own life and in the lives of others!

Why I am a Mormon

Joe is my brother. On the night he died, there was the biggest fullest moon I have ever witnessed in my life. That was 25yrs ago. Today I went to the mall. A lady asked me my last name. She had gone to school with Joe. I told her he had fallen off of the roof of a barn and died. Later I drove to my daughter's new friend's house, my mind started to drift towards Joe. I quickly snapped it back to the present. Tonight was dark but well lit because of the full glow of the moon. This, the third time I had driven in this "new" area. My mind turned to my brother. I had realized that I had been down this road many years before. A force took hold of me. I felt compelled to pass the house where my daughter was. Nothing looked familiar to me. My heart knew. A couple miles down the road, something familiar shot out at me. It was an old, very tall red barn. It took hold of me & gripped my heart. All at once, my brother was there. The Holy Spirit of God held me. He held my heart in His hands. Numerous feelings came rushing in upon me. I felt the pain of remembrance and loss. There was a flash of my own life before my eyes as I reflected on all of my own shortcomings & poor decisions that I have made in my life. Also, I felt the comfort of love & promise of eternal family in my heart and soul. Families ARE forever. I know that God lives, loves, watches over us just as parents watch their children make decisions. He agonizes over our bad decisions & rejoices over our good ones. I know to go forward, to make the best choices in life. I was reminded to count my blessings, to make something good happen each day that I am alive, to make wrong things right in my life, to stretch, to get outside of my comfort zone, to be better than I am right now.The lingering whispers are within my own spirit, resonating, the power is interwoven within my soul as truth. I know our family members that have died are unseen angels with us. Families are eternal. My heart knows....

How I live my faith

Throughout the last 29 years of my life, I have taught small children where they came from before this earth life and the values and behavior we need to maintain to return to the highest kingdom of God after we die. I have taught and worked with youth groups in sports activities and have been their friend and role model as they have gone through the trying times of adolescents preparing them for adulthood. Our whole immediate family served a 2 year leadersip mission in a nearby town helping a small congregation to grow in strength, unity and numbers. I have worked with women of all ages, helping them with their personal struggles and teaching them gospel principles. My husband and I were married in the temple. I continue to attend the Temple of Our God, where Families can be sealed together for all time and eternity as ours has been. There have been many opportunities in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to serve, teach and learn from each other. Each day I strive to keep a positive attitude in a troubled world. A smile to another can have such an uplifting effect. I have found it to be very contagious! With all of the trials and challenges I have had in my life, I don't know where I would be without the knowledge that my church brings. Although there are sad times in life, I am filled with comfort and purpose in knowing that there is a plan for all of God's children. He knows each one of us individually and cares about what happens to us. That is the message I live to share.

What do Mormons believe happens to us after we die? What do Mormons believe about life after death?

Michelle Grego Beck
As I mentioned previously, although our bodies die for a time, our spirits live forever. After we die, our spirit enters the spirit world where we rest from all our worldy cares. Those that have either rejected or not heard the gospel of Jesus Christ before, will wait in a special place set apart for them until they are able to hear the gospel. Like us, here on earth, they will be given an opportunity to either accept or reject the plan of Happiness. Just like we have missionaries here on earth in our earthly lives, there will be missionaries in the Spirit World, diligently sharing the message of gospel truth. All will have the opportunity to accept God's plan, to progress and work towards Godhood after the resurrection. It is my hope that everyone will listen with an open mind & pray about the message missionaries bring. Some people listen to rumors, a friend or relative and then form an opinion without pondering & praying to reach their own decision. It is my challenge that you will take this challenge to find out for yourself if what the missionaries teach is true. I promise you that you will have a peaceful feeling of truthfulness and peace if you study the Book of Mormon and pray with real intent. After the season of the spirit world, we will be resurrected and assigned to the place our Father has prepared for us. I have listened to the gospel message. I have prayed about it. I know what is taught is true. I know with all of my heart that death is not the end. Show more Show less