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Hi I'm Cheyenne

I am a Restaurant Owner, a Professional Racquetball Player, a Mother of three and I am a Mormon.

About Me

Growing up, I was always excited about becoming a mother. However, I was also excited about a million other things and learning to find balance in my life has been key to my happiness. I have been an athlete my entire life, whether it was gymnastics, track, soccer or racquetball. I love the pressure of competition and the discipline it takes to train for short term and long term goals. After reaching the #1 ranking in the state of WA for Racquetball, I am now training to compete on the Professional Racquetball Tour. My husband and I own a restaurant and have invested a great deal of ourselves into it. It has been rewarding to watch our business grow and to reap the benefits of our hard work over the years. We have three beautiful children that are the joy of our lives. We are humbled daily at the task of raising our children but find comfort in the knowledge that God loves them even more than we do. We struggle like any family with decisions on discipline, school, hobbies and family time but we live by the motto, "We may not have it all together, but together we have it all".

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in a home that was partially active in the church. I was taught many of the principles of the Gospel, but watched one parent live it and one not. Early on I had a choice to learn for myself whether the church was truly the source of peace, hope and truth that it claimed to be or not. Over the years I have had countless experiences, most of them small, that has brought me to the place that I now stand, unwavering in understanding and belief in the church. Jesus Christ is our Savior and wants to have a relationship with us!! The gospel of Jesus Christ has provided our family with an anchor, something we can always come back to when things get crazy or we disagree. Bottom line is, we love the Lord, and we want to align ourselves as closely as possibly to Him in word and deed. That anchor brings us more quickly back to feelings of compassion, forgiveness and joy when life gets tough. While I believe whole hardly in the doctrine of the church, I am also constantly awed by the people with in the church. Of course, everyone makes mistakes, but overall, I feel endless support and encouragement from those around the church community who are also just trying to do the best they can to be good mothers, fathers and friends. Nobody is perfect, but I am inspired by a group of people who are trying to grow and improve.

How I live my faith

Realizing that spirituality isn't just something we talk about, it's something we should live, changes behavior. Trying to see everyone I run into during my day as a child of God makes me feel differently towards them. With-in the church, I help teach the younger kids, ages 3-11, which is such a rewarding experience. Children can never be taught enough about honestly, service and respect, and to help a child understand at a young age that they are special and loved of God can make such a difference in their lives. Sometimes when I am competing for Racquetball, I will stand out in the group because of my values. I don't party or drink or follow any of the other trends of Professional sports. With-in the Racquetball community however, I've become respected and admired for my loyalty to my values. Especially about the "Word of Wisdom" we live by, which is simply being careful about what you put into your body. I believe that because I following those guidelines, I am a better athlete. We also do not work at our restaurant on Sundays. Our customers know that is a day we have set aside for our family and for God, and many of them admire that.

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

Mormon women are some of the most strong, driven, goal oriented people I know. While almost all of my friends have college degrees and impressive work experience, many of them are simple making the choice to stay at home while their children are young or find a career that works well with "parenting hours". I, personally, think that finding that balance between investing your time and efforts into your family, while also continuing to grow and improve as an individual is very important. I WANT my kids to see me pursuing my dreams, moving towards goals and always seeking greater knowledge, but I also don't want my children ever feeling like that are fighting for my attention. The church believes and teaches continually the concept of equality between men and women, and especially with-in the marriage. Men and women bring different strengths to a marriage and especially to parenting, and each parent plays a crucial role. Marriage is a partnership where love, respect and gratitude for each other must be the driving force. Show more Show less