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Hi I'm Gwyn

I'm a mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend and a human being making my journey on earth. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am an Occupational Therapist by trade, an actor/dancer by heart, a Mom of 3 children, and a 2nd Mom of 4 children plus their spouses, and a Mom once removed to 2 more children. I am happily married now; and also I am a 2 time survivor of a broken home. Once as a child and the second time as an adult. I have uncommon relationships now with the people who were once related to me by marriage. I spend holidays and vacations with my husband's 1st wife and her husband (plus our children), I call my former sister-in-law my sister, and write and call my 1st husband's parents to tell them I am thinking of them and love them. What I hated most about growing up with divorced parents was having to treat each one as if they were in different worlds. I loved both my mom and my dad and did not know why we could not be together. Now, as an adult I strongly believe keeping families together is possible. We are together because of the love we have for each other. That love is forever. Compatibility or physical distance is just temporary. I love to work, I love to play. I love working and playing more when I am with others. I am largely defined by my relationships (mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend); but, mostly by the relationship I have with God. I am a mormon.

Why I am a Mormon

I have not always been a mormon. I have been a seeker since I can remember. I have always wanted to know about God, my Heavenly Father, His only begotten son, Jesus, and where I fit in. I learned plenty about God growing up and as a young adult. Many things I learned did not make sense, and some things were simply not true. When I began to ask a co-worker questions about what mormons believed; I felt as if a great mystery was unfolding. My soul was satisfied in understanding the purpose for this life, and what will be in the next life. Though I was being taught for the 1st time about the mormon faith, many times I did not think I was learning something new, only being reminded of what I already knew to be true. I knew I existed before this life, I knew that everyone would have more opportunities to know Jesus, than the short time we have here on earth. I was relieved to know that heaven would be more than floating on a cloud and singing for eternity. I am a Mormon because it makes sense. I am a Mormon because I was called to believe and I answered yes. I am truly the one who sought, asked, and knocked. I can say that I found, and was given, and the door opened to me to draw closer to my only Savior and Beloved Jesus Christ. I have come to love Him and know Him more deeply since I have become a Mormon than all my years previous. He lives.

How I live my faith

I am a church goer. I never thought I could dedicate EVERY Sunday to going to church. Now, I feel empty if I miss going. There are times I get weary and want to take a break. There are times I wish I could go back to worshiping when I felt like it. It is not easy living my faith. Those times I feel tired and lazy are usually very short lived. I soon realize I am in a family of believers and together we are the body of Christ. I try to treat everyone as my brother or sister. If I have something to share, I do. If I can tell them of the things I know and that have changed my life for the better, I do. I try to always ask what kind of life a person must have lived to bring them to the point they are at this time. If understand someone, I have compassion for them, If I have compassion, I am acting like the eyes, ears, mouth, and hands of our savior on earth. That is what living my faith is to me, living as if my life is not my own, but Jesus' life through me. I definitely struggle to live this way and I think I am up to 10% of the time, the other 90% is me being me. It is a process.