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Hi I'm Camille

I'm an MBA grad, a date night blogger, a wanna-be chef, frozen yogurt enthusiast, marathon runner, a survivor, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

At age 26 I found my life completely turned upside-down. I had always followed the teachings of the church and tried to live the best life I could. It was difficult to face my biggest fear after being abandoned by my ex-husband who left the church and left me and file for divorce. I could not believe the abuse and the pain I experienced. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I would have to go through this trial that I had no control over. However, I would do it again to know what I know now! I'm someone who believe bad things happen to good people because we have a Father in Heaven who knows what is best for us. In the midst of a broken life I found more joy, peace, and happiness than anyone could imagine. I knew I had two choices: to be bitter, or to get over being a victim and choose happiness and live the Gospel. I'm someone who loves to learn. I'm a former high school English teacher turned Internet Marketing manager. After I was abandoned I took the GMAT and was accepted into a great MBA program. The blessings poured in as I shared the Gospel, studied, and worked to overcome all the pain and sorrow. I found success in school, success in running my first half-marathon, and success in dating as I met the greatest man the world could offer. I have experienced many awful things, but I'm a living testimony that life can be wonderful, no matter what we've been through if we turn our life over to the Savior and live the Gospel.

Why I am a Mormon

My grandfather was actually a minister in another faith when missionaries found him and taught him the Gospel. He always believed in personal revelation- something not taught in his faith. He joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints shortly after taking the discussions and gave up everything, his beliefs, his congregation, his profession, his family, and his friends to follow what he believed. I have always thought of his sacrifice whenever I have pondered faith and those who have joined this church. I was born in the church but realized in my teen years that I wasn't someone who would just follow tradition, I was someone who needed to know for myself which church operated under correct authority with correct principles. In spite of my grandfather and parents of great faith, I knew I needed confirmation. As someone who is a very logical person and has to have things make sense, I am someone who cannot deny the feelings of the Holy Ghost that have testified the truthfulness of this Gospel. As I study the Bible I see that this is the church that is patterned after Christ's church when he was on the earth. There are so many elements that do make sense to me. However, the sacred feelings and promptings of the Holy Ghost have lead me to know of the truthfulness in my heart. I love that I was taught young to pray and ask for myself. I love knowing personal revelation is true. I have experienced it many times. I know God loves me, I know the priesthood was given through proper authority. I know my life is infinitely better following the teachings of this church. That is why I am Mormon.

How I live my faith

I have spent many years teaching elements of my faith to others in church settings through callings. I enjoy learning all I can about the Gospel and the principles and scriptures therein. Helping others hear the word of God and discuss how principles relate to their life are some of my favorite things that make me feel at peace and like a true follower of God. I believe strongly that living your faith is something you do at all times and in all places. I strive to think often of the Savior, Jesus Christ, and what he would would me to do. Who would he want me to see? How should I spent my time? The answer usually comes in studying my scriptures, strengthening family relationships, helping the sick, being a good friend, and being a hard-working and honest employee. I believe that although callings and volunteer opportunities that seem big are important, it is the day-to-day tasks lived in a manner that would please God that truly count.