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I was born and raised a Mormon by loving parents that always showed me how to live my life in a pleasing way to my Heavenly Father

About Me

I have had many friends of different and diverse backgrounds and concepts of who God is and what types of lives they have led. As a child I recall the guidance of my parents and grandparents teaching me and showing me how to live a good life and to respect others and realize the worth of each person I met. I lived two years in several Latin American Countries as a representative of my Lord Jesus Christ spreading his message to the people of those countries. I am the father of four wonderful children who now have their own families and living valiant lives. My professional background was in law enforcement where I learned a lot about people and the importance of living honest, law abiding lives. I witnessed first hand the difficulties which are generated by not living properly in respect to obeying the laws of God and Man and not respecting the lives of others who were the recipients of their reckless deeds. I know that life doesn't always seem "fair" but that we must learn to handle adversity in order to be truly happy and enjoy the love of others and the spirit of our Heavenly Father. Our true happiness depends upon us and how we manage our families and our individual lives as we go about our journey here upon the Earth.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon and try to live my life each day to be in accordance with the teachings of the Latter Day Saint Church because I have a good knowledge of who my Father in Heaven is and what his plan is for his children here upon the Earth. Where I came from; Why I am here and where I can go if I remain faithful during my life here; Where I may go when I pass from this life and where I will certainly go if I am not worthy from my acts and my life that I have led while here upon the Earth. I know that it requires much effort and endurance to complete a faithful life and that trials and tests are a part of the refining process to become worthy to live with God in the next life. It isn't easy and was never meant to be. I know that Satan is real and very powerful. I also know that God is real and both He and His Son Jesus Christ are all powerful and stand ready and willing to help those who sincerely seek their help and guidance in living worthy lives. Repentance is a real part of worthy living and those that seek forgiveness can find great peace and comfort from the Eternal Law of Repentance. I also have a vivid testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith, that he was instrumental in restoring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Earth and sealed his testimony with his life and the shedding of his own blood in testament of the importance of this Gospel, the one and only True Gospel of Jesus Christ for all of mankind. I know the Gospel is true and the Book of Mormon another Testament of Jesus Christ is true and bears witness of the Lord and Savior. This priceless testimony is of importance to me and to all mankind, and I offer my solemn witness that it is true. Search it and find out for yourself, the promise is made to all mankind that they may know the truth of all things. We each decide for ourselves the type of life we will live.

How I live my faith

I try to live each day so that it is better than the day before. To treat each person I meet in the manner that I would like to be treated and how I would want my family to be treated. It is so important to make my Father in heaven a part of my dealings and actions, wants and desires and to put others first and look for things to do for them. I also feel that the sign of a good Christian is how they treat someone who can do absolutely nothing for them. I have found that you can never anticipate every situation that you may find yourself in but I do try to live in such a manner that I can be ready to make proper decisions on what the correct choice will be that will be right and pleasing to the Lord. Faith in my God is vital to me and knowing and understanding the principle of repentance are a part of my life. I value my baptism in God's True Church as one of my most choice treasures. This along with my testimony of God, Jesus Christ and the eternal principles that are taught are what I value for me and for my beautiful family. My sweet wife is so much a part of me and my life.