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Hi I'm Jim Kay

I'm an accountant, a Scouter, I love the outdoors & have played in the same cover band for almost 30 years. And...I'm a Mormon!

About Me

My name is Jim. I’m 71 years old and should have been dead 7 years ago. I was in Minnesota where we have lots of trees. We had about 40 trees and each fall they dropped lots of leaves. We had just finished the last sack of leaves when I passed out. My wife was in the front yard and I was in the back. My neighbor came out to his yard just then. By his quick action, the CPR provided by his 13 year-old daughter, some awesome paramedics and the hospital’s cardiac staff, I survived. The electronics in my heart were bad. It began to beat at several hundred beats per minute. After it worked too hard for several minutes, it stopped. About 20 minutes later the EMTs got there and shocked my heart back into working. With no oxygen the doctors weren’t sure what condition my brain would be in when I woke up. Fortunately, I was OK. My son researched the chance for surviving what happened to me. He learned it is between 2% and 5%, so with God’s help, I really beat the odds. Someone asked why I thought God spared me. I told him I think He still has things for me to do in this life. I have since been able to serve a full-time mission with my wife at the LDS Institute of Religion in Austin, Texas, a great experience for us and the students. We are about to leave on a second mission in Montana. We have run our stake’s Church’s Addiction Recovery program. And I have enjoyed the association of my family, especially our grandchildren, a blessing I hope will go on for many years.

Why I am a Mormon

There are several reasons I’m a Mormon. First, the teachings of the Church make sense to me. Second, I have found when I live my religion, I’m happy, and I feel the blessings of God in my life. Third, I have studied the life of the Savior in the scriptures and have learned about the restoration of His gospel in its fullness. I have prayed about what I’ve learned and asked God if it is true. Those prayers have been answered, and I know this is the truth. Finally, I have not been a perfect person, and I have felt the changing and healing power of Christ’s Atonement. As I have repented of past wrongs, the bad feelings associated with those have been lifted and I am a happier person. I have not only experienced this myself, I have known others who have had similar experiences. I don’t want to suggest only Mormons have experiences like this. The truth is that anyone who accepts the Savior and His Atonement can be healed from the effects of their wrongdoing. But for me, the Mormon Church has been a spectacular conduit to the Savior, and I’m confident it can be so for anyone who learns, embraces, and commits to the Savior through His Church.

How I live my faith

As an active Church member, I have made sacred covenants with my Heavenly Father and with His son Jesus Christ. I live my faith by keeping those covenants. I don’t mean to say I’m perfect, because I’m not. But I work hard at doing what I have promised to do. One of the things I (and my wife) have done is serve as full-time missionaries for the Church. I know the Savior’s gospel has been restored to the earth in these last days and want others to learn and come to know this as well. Serving as missionaries we have been able to teach others about the Savior and His Church and help them to learn for themselves of the joy that can come into a person’s life by accepting the Savior and His Atonement. This is a joy He has promised to all of us when we do what is right and treat others with love and respect. It is a joy I have found, and I want others to find it too. I’m not sure what Heavenly Father and Jesus may ask me to do before I die. Whatever it is, I will do my best to accomplish it, and to be happy in the effort.