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Hi I'm Amanda Duffy

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am Me. What can I say. My live in the church has been a rocky journey with up and downs in and outs, but I have persevered. I love the church I belong to and I believe in its teachings and principles. I haven't always had this conviction. I have a a difficult time with my faith, and choices I have made have lead me all over the map in my life. My core beliefs have always been part of me although I haven't always lived by them. Im doing so I made my life much hard than it had to be. I am currently in college as a older student at Southern Utah University studying Math, History, and Anthropology. I took eight years off between my first round in college to now to help care for my Great- Grandmother. While this decision put me behind in the typical college experience, the joy I got in knowing the matriarch of my mothers side of the family was by far the better decision. I am a strong believer in always taking care of your elders. If You listen you will learn so much, they have so much wisdom that they can impart. Your core belief system is what makes you who you are always hold on to it, if you let go of it like I did you will loose your sense of self and its difficult to find your way back.

Why I am a Mormon

I joined the church in order to protect my mother in her joining because of her second husband forcing her. Low and behold I am the one that ends up with strong ties to the church and keeps me coming back. I found my testimony when I joined, and while at times in my life I have tried to ignore it. That testimony has never gone away and in fact it has grown leaps and bounds from the small mustard seed it started out at and in my opinion it is still extremely small. While I didn't going this church for the right reasons, I have studied many of the other religions of the world and have found bits of truth (as I know it) in them all. I know that I could be happy in most any of them in their most true and pure form. Yet, I keep coming back to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints, because it is the only religion that I have found that follows the pattern of the Church that Christ set up when he walked the earth. WE have apostles and profits that walk the earth and communicate with the divine. Many of the other religions that I studied and though about joining seem to think that God doesn't communicate with his children anymore and that makes me so sad. Why would he just cut of his children forever, especially when times are getting close to the end that is described in the bible. On the question that is asked me a lot about the mysterious book found and translated by Joseph Smith, I have never understood why its odd. So God can only talk to one group of people and be there for one group in one specific place. He's God he is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscience, and omnibeneveleant. So can't he talk to whom ever he wants, where ever he wants, when ever he wants.I truly believe that there are other records of him out there in the world that he is holding back until he wants them found. The apostles were to preach the gospel to all men, women, and children not just the jews. And the apostles saw angles and talked with God and Christ.

How I live my faith

I try to always have my faith at the core of everything I do in life. This is by no means easy. But by reading my scriptures before I get out of bed each morning and before I turn in at night. There is a constant light in my life that is undeniable. When I was younger I used to hear always keep a prayer in your heart and as I have grown and matured I have come to realize how easy it is. I try to always be praying, not formally but internally. When Christ is on your mind and you talk to the father about every little thing, life just seems easier and more manageable. While I love the Scriptures and they have so much to teach, in my personal study and my study at Institute. For me in some of the darkest times when I feel as though Im loosing myself I turn to my Patriarchal Blessing for guidance on the specific mission that has been set for me to take in this life. It reminds me how loved I am by my heavenly Father and how well he knows me personally. this amazing blessing has so many little things that I never told anyone, that only someone who knows my heart could be able to help me with. With the world as dark as it is today, and more upheaval coming our way. The path gets harder to follow because the world makes everything look so tempting. Holding to the Rod is the only way that any of us will make it thru. hold to your Scriptures they will teach you all you need to know about God's Eternal Plan. Pray for your guidance and knowledge in the scriptures. Know that while it may not be easy it is so worth it and so much simpler and better felling than the other way. These are things I tell myself all the time. Being temple worth and doing the work in the temple for my ancestors and for all the temple names that comes thru is an amazing way to be close to God's Eternal Plan. Even just being in the temple brings such light, clarity, and love into your life. I don't see how anyone could pass up opportunities to go to any of the Lords houses.