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Hi I'm Katrina

I live on a farm in the state of Washington. I love to grow flowers, make quilts, read, and travel with family. I'm a Mormon

About Me

My interests and talents were passed down from my grandmother and mother. As a young girl my best memories are the days that we spent every summer traveling with the family. We would sit in the car and many times Mother would be reading us a story or an interesting fact she had learned about the area. No wonder that now as an adult I love to hop in a car, train, or plane and see places near and far. Adding to the enjoyment of traveling is to read and learn about it's history. I love to read good literature and belong to a book club. At home I learned to love sewing and cooking, but it was from my grandmother that I learned to love the beauties of the garden and the art of quilting. I have especially enjoyed teaching these skills to my children. It is fun to see them interested in some of the same things that I am interested in and to see them develop the talents that Heavenly Father has given them. I graduated from the University as a young married student and taught school for two years in the primary grades. After graduation we moved to a farming area in the State of Washington. That was a change for a girl that was raised in the city. I had to get used to dust storms, dirt on a just mopped kitchen floor, a husband home for lunch, and wide open spaces. I have come to appreciate living on the farm with its beautiful wide open spaces. It is a good life and a great place to raise a family.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up with a desire to live this religion even before I completely understood it. I wasn't so sure about how to pray, but I did it. I knew I should give back to the Lord, so I paid tithing. I feel like I grew up with a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong. I believe the Holy Ghost has always been very close to guide me in good times as well as hard times. I have always wanted to be a good person even when there were difficult choices to make. I am a Mormon because my own conversion happened during my first year away from home, while attending a Book of Mormon religion class. We studied 1 Nephi:13-24 and it was as though I chould see the city of Nazarath and the virgin that was exceedingly fair and white. I could see the Christ child in my mind and I could invision Jesus Christ ministering among the children of men. I knew at that time what I was reading and studying about in the Book of Mormon was true. I knew the gospel of Jesus Christ to be true. I knew that Heavenly Father loved me and knew that I was there. Many times I had wondered if He was there, but now I knew. Through studying the scriptures I was given the strength that I needed that first year away from home. I am a Mormon because Heavenly Father has answered my prayers and given me direction and strength in times of sorrow and heartbreak. It was a difficult time in my life when our third child was stillbourn. Heavenly father conforted me and blessed me when no other person could. My heart broke again when a wonderful brother left the church 15 years ago, yet because if that, my testimony is stronger. The passing of my father to Alzhimers brought sorrow, but knowledge of life beyound death. Life's greatest sorrows and triumps are within the family. I am ever so thankful for the Savior's atonement that brings peace and sunshine into my life. The Priesthood of God, the Book of Mormon, and the reality of my Savior Jesus Christ, is my testimony and my strength.

How I live my faith

I live within a community where the LDS faith is a highly recognizable religion. I try to live as an example of a person with high standards and ideals. Most people in the area that I associate with that arn't Mormons seem to just know that I am a Mormon. They respect that, and If there is an oppertunity to talk about the church I try my best to explain. I belong to a quilt guild and there are about six women that are Mormons. Quilting is part of the Mormom heritage it seems and so we fit well within the group. I have worked in leadership and teaching positions with the church for the past fourty years. I have been a teacher and a leader within the childrens organization of the church called "Primary" for many years. I worked with the Cub Scouts for about three years and loved it. I taught for several years the 12 & 13 year old Sunday School Class of boys & girls. I have also taught and lead in the young womens group for about 12 years, working with 12 thru 16 year old girls. I have always been a visiting teacher within our church. With this responsibility, I am to watch over with compassion and love four women in our congregation. I go into their home at least once a month. Currently I am in a leadership calling in our women's organization. I have been called to preside over the women within our congregation. There are about 140 women in the organization and I am to help each woman prepare for eternal life by helping them increase their faith an personal righteousness, strengthen families and home, and help those in need. In this responsibility, I have assisted in funerals, marriages, baby showers, bridal showers, assisting in care for an auto mobile accicident victim, a surgery patient, and several families who need welfare assistance. It is a great blessing in my life at this time to be assisting Him. My youngest daughter is currently serving a mission in Australia. It is a great joy to support and encourage her in missionary work.