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Hi I'm Mark

I'm a Mormon. I lived and worked in Eastern Washington most of my life. I have really come to appreciate my church membership

About Me

The dogs in the photograph are George and Lizzy. George is a half border collie and half springer spaniel. Lizzy is half australian shepherd, half blue heeler. I've always enjoyed dogs, and these are a couple of real good ones. I grew up in a farming comunity in Central Washington. We always had dogs. My parents had both come to Washington from Utah. They met, fell in love and have lived in Washington their entire married lives. My father operated an irrigated farm in the Columbia Basin. As a result, I learned to operate a lot of different types of farm machinery. I grew up in the LDS (Latter Day Saint / Mormon) faith and served a two-year church mission in the Texas Houston Mission. LDS people were a minority in both the community and schools where I grew up. I have many dear friends who are not of the LDS faith. I attended Brigham Young University and eventually married in the Seattle Washington LDS temple. My wife and I have lived in Washigton all of our married lives. We have three adult children, a boy a two girls. I like outdoor activities. I enjoy hunting, both archery and firearms and am considering taking up muzzleloader hunting. I reload my own ammunition and fletch up / construct my own arrows and take satisfaction in harvesting game with them. I enjoy the beauty of nature and appreciate that I live in an environmentally diverse state. Washington really has a lot to offer in terms of geographic / environmental diversity.

Why I am a Mormon

 I was born into the LDS faith and raised by active church members. Still, there comes a time when everyone must decide if they are really converted / committed to the teachings of the Church. That time came for me when I observed the dedication my parents had for the faith, the way some of my non-member friends lives were going and when I left home to become a missionary. Learning in the ways of the Church teachings and the doctrines is an ongoing thing. In the process of this ongoing learning, I discovered that I REALLY did have a conviction / testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Incredable as it sounds, I do believe that Joseph Smith was visited by God and Jesus Christ and called to be a prophet just as others in the Bible were called and in some cases had heavenly messengers visit them. I believe Joseph Smith was directed by a Heavely messenger to find and then translate an ancient record that had been recorded by ancient prophets here on the American Continent. This translation is now known as the Book of Mormon. I have read this book several times and the feelings that I recieve and its teachings touch my inner spirit as eternal truths from a loving Father in Heaven. I have prayed to know for myself that these things are true and it has been confirmed to my heart and mind that these things are of God. I made the committment many years ago to live my life in accordince with these teachings. Jesus is the the Son of God. There are prophets on the earth today to teach us. The gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored again on the Earth and the priesthood of God is again found among men, with authority to perform the saving ordinances of the Gospel and the Temple work that is essental to our salvation. I can't imagine living my life without the answers to such questions of Where did I come from? Why am I here? Where am I going after I die? I have found peace and solace to my soul through my membership in the LDS Church.

How I live my faith

 Eveyone in the LDS church has a "calling" in the Church. Some are called to be Bishops, teachers, clerks, scout leaders etc. These callings are all non-compensated. We have a non-payed clergy where the average member is given the oppotunity to serve others. Over the course of my lifetime in the Church I have had many callings as have most members. It reflects that scriptural teaching that "When you are in the sevice of others, you are only in the service of your God". I do not use alcohol, tobacco, coffee , tea or illegal drugs. I attend my Church meetngs as often as my work schedule permits and I give of my time in service projects as well as paying my tithes and offerings unto the Lord for the buildig up of his Kingdom here on Earth. I live my life worthy of attending the Temple and enjoyning the blessings that come from attendance.