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Hi I'm Meagan

I'm a writer, a rock climber, a traveler & a college student. I'm a daughter, a step daughter, a sister, an aunt & I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in Utah. Originally on a farm for eight years, I learned the value of family first, hard work, discipline, love, creation, and expectations. Growing up, my family's never had the best of circumstances and money has never been an easy thing to earn. Pain, sorrow, regret and questions have always been a part of our past. My parents divorced only a few years ago. Coming from a big family of seven kids, their business is always your business, and there is no guarantee that what one person believes another is going to follow. Time comes and time goes, life passes by and bad things happen. But so do good things, we just tend to over look them, shadowing them with our negative expectations. But through the last few years I've learned the importance of noticing the good things in my life. Recently my dad remarried to someone who's easily become my best and greatest friend. With that marriage came six more kids. It is more and more apparent to me just how important family is, and what a blessing it is to hold onto them, and that through time we are able to call more and more people "family." I am now a college student, living on my own far away from them, participating in ROTC, cramming 18 credits and traveling and working when I can. Through every change that my eyes pass by, the realization of how lucky we are to live this life only gets confirmed.

Why I am a Mormon

I believe in good people and I believe that good people originate by a mere choice to be good, but in order for that to happen people have to MAKE that choice. I want to be a good person. I was taught to be a good person. I've been given incredible examples of good people.....and I don't want to let them down. People often ask how there can be God in this world, because if he really loved us he wouldn't let bad things happen to us. Well I think differently. I know God exists, and I know every day he has to watch his children spit and fight and murder and hate and lust and ache and cry, he falls apart twice as much as we do. I know that it adds one more day of pain to his life because he wishes he could step in and stop it all. But the difference you see is that he loves us enough to not imprisonate us in our will. He loves us enough that he allows us to make our own decisions, to create our own paths, to feel and see our own actions take place. Because if he were to step in, we wouldn't be "us" and life would have no purpose. I'm a mormon, and I'm proud of that. Because in my sorrows, I am comforted, I am happy, because I know that there is one person who will never abandon me, who's been there through it all for me, who's felt every pain I ever have or will feel, and his support enables me to see further than any thing else ever can. Being a mormon makes my days feel good, and that's all I need.

How I live my faith

The greatest thing I can recognize about the church is that no matter where I move, from big populated cities to small rural communities, there is always a support system waiting there to know me. The church is my support system. My rescuer. They are a family you don't have to marry into to have. They just are. From services on Sundays to activities and lessons on the weekdays, there is always an opportunity to attend and participate an something.