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Hi I'm Linda

I grew up in New York. I am a mother; a grandmother; and a Speech Pathologist. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up as an only child; learned about the church in high school; went to college in Missouri where I joined the church and found my profession in speech therapy due to a personal speech impediment. When I moved to Utah to further my professional education, I met and married my husband. We have 8 children, and soon to have 25 grandchildren. I worked in my profession for 33 years while raising our children, and still continue to have a hand in promoting communication skills in children and adults. I really like water sports, gardening, exercise, piano playing, healthy living, and being with our family.

Why I am a Mormon

Being from New York State and living close to Palmyra, where the Mormon Church started, you would think I knew about this church my whole life. Not so. It wasn't ever talked about anywhere, including school history books. I found out about the church because of my speech problem. I could hardly get a word out without sounding vocally strained, and one of my high school teachers took pity on me and began helping me with self esteem. As time passed, he told me about God, whom I didn't really know, and about his religion--Mormonism. I became interested enough to study about it for myself, and even wrote a senior paper summarizing the Mormons. I really liked the belief about forever families, and wanted my family to have eternity together. I had a strong feeling about going to college out of state, and ended up at a women's college in Missouri. There I met other Mormon people and began to take the missionary discussions. I loved going to church, meeting all the kind and friendly people in the Branch, and learning about the gospel. I was baptized. At the same time, I did personal study about speech impediments. One day while in the library reading, I came across an impediment that had the same symptoms I was experiencing. Not only did I diagnose my own problem, but I made the decision to pursue a career in speech pathology to help others like me. Being a new convert, I wanted to move to Utah to see how real Mormons lived. I found out I liked being with them and being one of them. All the church doctrines rang true to my heart and mind. It made me a better person and a person who now knew the nature of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and my relationship to them. Oh, I also met my eternal companion at a ward Holloween party. He likes to say that he still hasn't removed the mask!

How I live my faith

First of all, I always go to church. I once knew a member who said he didn't go to church any more because they always repeated the same things. I find that the more I read the book of Mormon, and study the lessons presented in church, the more my mind opens up to ideas I had not previously thought. It is true that the more you ponder spiritual things, the more apt you are to receive impressions from the Holy Ghost to bless your life. I am not one to purposely volunteer for assignments or hope for positions of responsibility, but when given a task, I try to do my best. I have served in teaching and leadership positions in the various wards in which we lived, and have sought guidance from above for every calling and every teaching opportunity. When my life is righteous I receive the spiritual boost needed. Early in my church membership, while still in college, I had a roommate who spent eons of time on her knees praying. I wondered what she had to say to Him for so long! Her answer: I am afraid NOT to pray. I didn't understand then, but now realize that without us initiating communication with our Father in Heaven, He cannot tell us his will for us. Even though he knows our heart before we say a word, he waits for us to praise him, thank him, and ask of him. Prayer is a big part of my life and my faith.