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Hi I'm Ben

I'm a musician, a doodler, a computer geek, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up half my life in California and Utah. I feel like I was a bit oblivious to the world, and sometimes I still do. I usually spend my time playing video games, usually MMORPGs, which I can't seem to get enough of. I'll admit it, I'm addicted. :P I've done 4-H and was involved in a lot of animal projects, well ok, if a lot means 3. I showed goats, and horses, and dogs. It was a wonderful part of my life! My family is really music oriented. We have a piano in the living room, and almost everyone knows how to play it. From that stemmed me learning to play the flute, and I'm currently learning to play the guitar! My family members each play something different, it's really cool! Sometimes we play together and it just sounds awesome! Other than that, I sometimes like to doodle on paper. I love to draw dragons! It's pretty cool, if you like that sort of thing. But anywho, that's my life. Pretty boring.

Why I am a Mormon

Well, I was raised Mormon, but hear me out! Each kid in the Mormon faith comes to a decision when they decide if they want to follow in the faith of their parents, or find a different path. But for me, it was something special for me. My Dad asked me to read the Book of Mormon when I was 12. An important age in Mormon boys because they are eligible to receive the Priesthood. But to my dismay(for social reasons), my Dad held me back from receiving the Priesthood. Well, I struggled to read the Book of Mormon, because for a 12 year old, it's pretty boring and hard to understand. But I finished! And I prayed. Because I read that it was how you got to know if it was all true. Well, in my silent prayers before bed, I got nothing. One Sunday, I was tired, bored, and frustrated. I went to the first hour and a half of church, and I was almost in tears. Church wasn't fun anymore. I didn't really want to go anymore. Well, it just so happened, my Mom had to go home to go get something. So I went with her. When we got home, she talked to me in the car, and asked me how I was doing, and gave her best attempt to be a caring mother. She told me to read a certain verse in the Book of Mormon, and pray again. Out loud. So when she went inside to get what she needed, I got out my scriptures and read. And to this day I don't remember what verse or chapter or what book in the book of Mormon it was, but I do remember the verse was sincere. I got on my knees, right on the car seat, and gave up. I wasn't putting my desire in my heart anymore. And then I prayed, and I gave my heart to God. I asked him if the book was true, and I told him I would follow him if that's what he wanted. I thought for a moment, and didn't feel anything, but then after I closed the prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, I felt the most warm, comforting feeling stir in my chest! It was amazing! The Holy Ghost bore testimony to me, that the book of Mormon is true. And that is why I'm a Mormon. Because it's truth!!!!!!!!

How I live my faith

Well, I wouldn't say I'm the best Mormon. I'm actually a real generic Mormon. Someone who claims the faith, but doesn't do a whole lot to show others around them what I believe. I did however devote two years of my life to God. Trying to serve him, and show others the truths I found. But even then I struggled. Being a Mormon isn't easy, and being a Mormon missionary is even harder! Dang, I had fun, but I am SO glad it's over. I guess the ways that I live my faith are simple. I keep in contact with God, I know he loves me, and wants to hear from me. And honestly, I need his help every day! I know satan is real, and continually tries to screw me up. And there is no way I'd be sane, or even alive without the help of God. All the emotional crap that satan throws at me, I'm sure I would have committed suicide years ago. But thanks to God's help, I live a happy life! I continue to read the book of Mormon. Every time I do, and I do it with a willing heart, I get to feel that sweet spirit that first bore testimony to me. It really helps put a smile on my face every day! I try to be nice to everyone, but it's extremely hard, because I can be judgmental and I am super shy sometimes, and I hate to approach new people, or to say hi to "the new kid." I try not to use cuss words, as it tends to chase away the holy ghost. Hmm... Well, you can say those are the generic Mormon answers. And they really are. Because they work. If I am to say how else I live my faith, I wouldn't exactly know how to describe it. It's like... You try to live every day like you know you should, and sometimes you screw up. Sometimes worse than others. And sometimes you have to repent of things you do. But it's because of my faith that I keep repenting, I could just give up I guess, but I don't. Because I know I'll never be more happy than when I'm living the gospel of Jesus Christ.