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Hi I'm Max Adamson

I am Athletic. Love reading books. Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup is my game and I am a Mormon!!!!

About Me

Well, I was raised by two wonderful parents that cared for me and would give anything for me in this world. They knew me and knew what was best for me. I am a person who cares a lot about other people, and what they do. I guess it is something I inherited from my mother. I have been given the skills and talents to achieve anything i want in this world. I have a remarkable good memory and it scares me. Earlier in life, I had bad asthma problems, to the point where it hospitalized me for a time. The doctors prescribed me steroids, which caused me to balloon in weight, I was only eight years old. That wasn't just the only problem, after that i was constantly made fun of. For several years it kept going, then a miracle happened and my dad was able to get a new job. Our family moved. I was able to start over and make new friends and i was having a good time. High school was great, there is always something going on (Drama, Sports, Tests, etc). I had good grades and was a stellar athlete lettering nine times, in three sports (Football, Wrestling and Track and Field). After High school, I joined the military, army to be specific. I got in shape, lost a whopping sixty pounds, and my asthma went away. Learned some amazing attributes while training. Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Self-less Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage (L.D.R.S.H.I.P.) Now I am a Missionary, serving in the Washington State, Spokane Mission till July of 2012

Why I am a Mormon

In the about me section, i said i have two wonderful parents. I was raised in the church and i consider myself still being raised in the church. Yeah, i went to church, yeah i went to mutual, which is an activity for young me and women. But i went out of habit, i went because i was told to not because i wanted to. I did not see the big picture. I just didn't get it. I was called to serve the Lord Jesus Christ for two years. that is when it all became clear. I finally got it. Being a Mormon is not a one time deal. Its a lifestyle. I made some of the best changes in my life, to be clean and free from sin. I broke up with the worlds view of life and i aligned it with God's view. I then realized that the Book of Mormon is true and what i grew up with is true as well. i am proud and blessed to be a Mormon, a member of Christs one true Church. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I know it is His church. Not only do I believe in Jesus Christ but i believe him, what he did, who he is. I am a believer. A believer of a restored church, a believer of prophets and a believer of God's love for me. I know what i have said is true and it comes from my heart. i have a sure witness of the things that i know from the Spirit of God, the Holy Ghost. There is no greater witness.

How I live my faith

At the waters of baptism, I promised our Father in Heaven three specific things. One, to take the name of His Son, Jesus Christ upon me. Two, To always remember Jesus Christ, and what he has done (His ministry, His service and ultimately his sacrifice). Three, To always keep his commandments. The way that i live my life, is by striving to do what God has commanded, because there are rich blessings in store for me if i do. I have a passion for reading the scriptures particularly the Book of Mormon and the Bible. It is fascinating to read the stories and principles that are taught by Gods servants the prophets. I know that the scriptures are true because i am filled with the spirit of the Lord when i read them. One of my favorite things to do is to go to church, earlier in life i dreaded thinking of it, because i thought it was boring and was taking too long. But that's not the case anymore, I love going now. Its a commandment to keep the Sabbath day holy. but i go there because i want to go. I learn, i teach and i serve. There is always something to learn. I usually try going with a question in mind and ponder that question through out the day. I take the Sacrament or communion to remember the promises i made with our Father. To be edified among other members and feel and love their fellowship. How I live my Faith? I live it the best that i can to live a Christlike life. Teaching, praying expressing love. Bearing testimony and serving God the Father. Father in Heaven loves me and expects me to be a believer of all things that are of Him. He expects me to be perfect, not all at once but by enduring to the end in His teachings and keeping His commandments. I know that to be true. Our life is always under-construction, We have unpaved road to pave, cracks in sidewalks to fill in. Guardrails to build to keep us on the straight and narrow path back to Heaven where i want to be.