What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Will

I'm a paul harvey fan, I'm a country boy, I believe in second chances, I haven't decided my future, and I am a mormon.

About Me

I'm a twenty year old young man currently serving a mission in Spokane Washington. I love the out doors I enjoy fishing and boating when I can. I am the oldest child in my family and it can be fun sometimes... hey where'd my root beer go??? My grand fathers and my father are my hero. I have lost close friends in my life. but through gods plan of happiness i have found peace in my life.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because it's the only thing in this crazy world that makes sense.(where'd my root beer go?) The world in which we live is full of trouble and rough times, But the gospel of Jesus Christ that this church follows adds a sense of meaning to this life a sense of hope. This church is the path back to heaven. I bare testimony that this is the true church, that its teachings are the way back to heaven and to our eternal families. That the church Jesus Christ founded and set up while he was on the earth is again on the earth. That Jesus is our lord and savior and that he died for our sins, he is the only way back to heaven. He's the way the truth and the light. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

How I live my faith

My ward is a family. We love each other, and watch out for one another. Events in the community are always great to get together and help out weather it be operation happiness or thanksgiving taking food to the needy, It's great to give back. This church is so community oriented and so help minded it is so easy to give back to the community. Going to visit the elderly in our ward is great, they have so much to talk about when you just take the time to listen the amazing stories they have will keep you in awe. there are so many ways the church blesses me to live my faith.

What do Mormons believe happens to us after we die? What do Mormons believe about life after death?

Death is not the end. Death is really a beginning—another step forward in Heavenly Father’s plan for His children. Someday, like everyone else, your physical body will die. But your spirit does not die, it goes to the spirit world, where you will continue to learn and progress and may be with loved ones who have passed on. Death is a necessary step in your progression, just as your birth was. Sometime after your death, your spirit and your body will be reunited—never to be separated again. This is called resurrection, and it was made possible by the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 15:20-22). i know this because i have lost people i have cared dearly for and its hard. but this knowledge has helped me so much in life. Show more Show less

What is the priesthood?

The priesthood is the authority to act in God’s name. The same priesthood authority that existed in the original Church established by Jesus Christ exists in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints today. The Church is directed and led through this authority. All male members of the Church who are prepared receive the priesthood in order to help lead the Church and serve Heavenly Father’s children. A man with the priesthood might serve in some of the following ways: Leading congregations of the Church Performing the ordinances of the Church, such as baptism Blessing those who are sick God expects those who hold this sacred priesthood authority to follow the example of Jesus Christ and serve with love, gentleness, and kindness. Show more Show less

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

God has provided many evidences of His existence. One of these is the testimony of His creations: “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork” Psalms 19:1. Have you ever looked in awe at the night sky with its billions of stars? Or studied the intricate details of a leaf or flower? Or marveled at the miracle of a tiny new baby? These beautiful and complex creations didn’t come about by chance. They are the creations of God, your Heavenly Father. They can remind you of His existence and of His love for His children. An ancient prophet declared: “All things denote there is a God; yea, even the earth... and its motion, yea, and also all the planets which move in their regular form do witness that there is a Supreme Creator” Book of Mormon, Alma 30:44. Show more Show less

What is the Word of Wisdom that Mormons talk about?

Our body is a precious gift from God. To help keep our bodies and our minds healthy and strong, God gave a law of health to Joseph Smith in 1833. This law is known as the Word of Wisdom Doctrine and Covenants 89:1-21. In addition to emphasizing the benefits of proper eating and physical and spiritual health, God has spoken against the use of: Tobacco. Alcohol. Coffee and tea. Illegal drugs. God promises great physical and spiritual blessings to those who follow the Word of Wisdom. Today, the scientific community promotes some of the same principles that a loving God gave to Joseph Smith Show more Show less

Why is family so important to Mormons?

Our families provide a setting for much of the growth we experience in life. In our families we love, serve, teach, and learn from each other. We share our joys and our sorrows. Family ties may bring us difficult challenges, but they also give us strength and some of our greatest happiness. The family is central to God’s plan for His children. It is also the central unit of society and the means for bringing children into the world where they can be loved, provided for, and taught truth and righteousness (see “The Family: A Proclamation to the World”). While we cannot choose the conditions of our birth, we can choose each day to make our families stronger and happier. It is possible for individuals to return to the presence of God and for families to be united eternally. Show more Show less

What is the Law of Chastity?

lets be honest here. Todays standards are much to lax and even 20 years ago the standards were much higher. So the point of the law of chastity is to keep youth and adults standard high and so the world does not commit adultery. (one of the 10 commandments). so don't have sex. unless youi're married Show more Show less

Does The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints endorse political parties?

the church does not pick sides in political parties. but if you want to be honest- just like the lds church is the only true church, republicans are the only right party. Show more Show less

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

Much of what is done in the Church is to bless and help those who are not Mormon. The Mormon Church has donated more than $1 billion in cash and material assistance to 167 different countries in need of humanitarian aid since it started keeping track in the 1980's. Many of these countries have few to no Mormons, but are also non-Christian. More than 52,000 Mormon missionaries serve through the world today. All of their service is to help those who are not Mormon. Joseph Smith himself taught that we are "to feed the hungry, to clothe the naked, to provide for the widow, to dry up the tear of the orphan, to comfort the afflicted, whether in this church, or in any other, or in no church at all." Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe concerning the doctrine of grace?

The prophet Joseph Smith taught ‘Therefore ye are justified of faith and works, through grace...’ Romans 4:16. The Book of Mormon teaches ‘For we labor diligently to write to persuade our children, and also our brethren to believe in Christ, and to be reconciled to God; for we know that it is by grace we are saved after all we can do’ 2 Nephi 25:23. The Book of Mormon adds ‘all that we could do [was to] repent of all our sins’ Alma 24:11. A Book of Mormon prophet named Lehi taught, ‘There is no flesh that can dwell in the presence of God, save it be through the merits, and mercy, and grace of the Holy Messiah’ 2 Nephi 2:8. Show more Show less

Who was Joseph Smith?

Joseph Smith Jr. was born in 1805 in Sharon, Windsor County, Vermont, to Joseph and Lucy Mack Smith. He had 10 brothers and sisters. His parents taught him to pray, read the Bible, and to have faith in God. At age 14, as an answer to fervent prayer, Joseph saw God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, in his First Vision. At age 17, Joseph began to receive heavenly messengers who prepared him for his role in the Restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ to the earth. He was a prophet, just like Moses, Isaiah and others in biblical times. He was strengthened by God to fulfill His mission much as was Jeremiah who said, “Ah Lord God! Behold I cannot speak: for I am a child. But the Lord said unto me, Say not I am a child: for thou shalt go to all that I shall send thee, and whatsoever I command thee thou shalt speak Show more Show less

Why do Mormon missionaries proselyte?

As a missionary my self i know what its like to proselyte as the Savior taught His disciples, “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations” (Matthew 28:19). As followers of Jesus Christ, members of His Church are enthusiastic about proclaiming the good news of His restored gospel to all who are willing to listen. Carlos E. Asay, a Church leader, said, “There is a marvelous phenomenon which occurs among men when the light of the gospel illuminates their lives. Almost instinctively, it seems, the light of truth sparks a desire to share. When our minds are expanded by new knowledge, we want others to know; when our spirits are elevated by heavenly influence, we want others to feel; and when our lives are filled with goodness, we want others, particularly those whom we love, to enjoy similar experiences.” You may have seen missionaries riding on bicycles or walking door to door, sharing their message. They are doing everything they can to seek out people who may be interested in learning more about Jesus Christ and God’s plan for their happiness. They serve in pairs, for “in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established” (Matthew 18:16). Missionaries volunteer full-time service for Show more Show less