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Hi I'm Jypsy Casia

Born in the Philippines, raised and grew up in Saudi Arabia. I love to cook, and eat! I love to fish. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

So, I am a brother of 5, raised up in a family of 8. And I love doing a lot of things! I'm quite outgoing and adventurous, and I love the wildlife. I do cricket, volleyball, spelunking, camping, swimming, hiking, and I love my family. I'm a music lover, and I play the piano, guitar, flute, the harmonica, and singing in the shower. I have served as a full-time missionary from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and I am loving it! And I love my mission so much. I grew up in Saudi Arabia, and lived according to the Gospel as I was growing up in a Non-Christian country and baptized there. As bizarre as it sounds like, it's fun to live out of your own culture. You may not have the greatest opportunity to share the Gospel fully, but you can show exemplary actions to people by serving them with your "heart, might, mind and strength". Just like what King Benjamin in the Book of Mormon has said that if you are in the service of your fellow, you are serving God. I love reading the Book of Mormon, and I love studying the principles that are being taught there. That's why I decided when I was 13 to heed on my mother's invitation to be a full-time missionary. She has been my inspiration to pursue what I found out to be the desire of my heart. My dad has been the role model that has shown me how to be strong amidst turbulence of life. He never gave up on us as a family, and still striving to show his love for us. And I love my family so much, as I said earlier.

Why I am a Mormon

I don't have a very exciting conversion story, since growing up in an LDS family, but I know what I knew when I was lost for awhile in midst of turbulence of life. As I was amidst of my turning point in life, where confusion was eminent and giving up was about to rise, I have never felt so prompted to head on that "feeling" that I've experienced that lead me to read the Book of Mormon, kneel on my knees and ask God if it is true. The confirmation of the question I inquired didn't come until I have started loving to read the Book of Mormon. As what the hymn has said, "God moves in mysterious ways." I learned that God loves me, He loves all of us. And I don't know how I can show it but to express to them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And the Infinite Atonement of our Redeemer is real, and it's a gift for everyone, and we are entitled to use it according to our choice. Being a Mormon is more than a title. It is a privilege that I consider to have that would be so honoring for me. It is a life to live, a way to go to. It gives me a further understanding of the things happening here on earth. And helps me to know more about our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and us as well.

How I live my faith

Being born and raised in a family of members of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, you have the biggest tendency to follow those footsteps that has been shown by those parents. But of course, you can't just know something without finding it out yourself. It actually stated in James 1:5, as what Prophet Joseph Smith has read, that "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to man liberally, and ubraideth not; and it shall given to him." Asking God through prayer has been one of the most effective ways to find out what is true. And also, by reading the Book of Mormon, going to church weekly, and keeping God's commandments are some few ways how I live my faith. Agency is the key to know how we should choose for ourselves. That's why God has given it to us, for us to know what is best for us, and we are to act upon those things that we gain to know. I have lived in a trial-and-error phase of life, and I know that moral agency would truly help us understand our Heavenly Father's plan for us as we strive hard to live for the better.

What is the Book of Mormon?

Jypsy Casia
The Book of Mormon is one of the most precious things I would consider having in my entire life. It is another Testament of Jesus Christ. It is comparable to the Bible because it also has teachings of the prophets in the Ancient America, contains the records of the dealings of the people with God, and also about the prophecies pertaining to their days, and also for our days as well. And it contains the plain and fulness of the everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ. It's amazing to think that God wants us to know more about His Son, Jesus Christ. That's why He commanded the other fold to make a records of the things which are expedient for the profiting of His children for these last days. The invitation given to all men who will get hold of the book will gain a witness of Jesus Christ, and His divinity. And that the Atonement is true. And that there is an authority that is being held by worthy men and that there is an established kingdom which has been restored here on earth again. Show more Show less