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Hi I'm Mark

I love all kinds of good music, from jazz to epic movie soundtracks. I'm a paper airplane enthusiast. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am third of 7 children, with 2 beautiful sisters and 4 great brothers. We were all born about two years apart and lived in a small town where the schools (elementary thru high school) were all on one campus. I remember the year we were all in school at the same time, from kindergarten to senior, with one of us in every other grade. One of my favorite memories is of our Thanksgiving Day hikes on a small mountain near our home. One tradition was to make paper airplanes and fly them off the top. Occasionally one would catch some lift and fly upward until it disappeared. Even now, I still love to make and fly paper airplanes whenever I get the chance. I love spending time with my children and have chaperoned countless field trips, science camps, band trips, orchestra trips, and choir trips over the years. Great stuff! I enjoy my career as a integrated circuit layout designer/manager working for a large analog semiconductor company. As part of my job, I have traveled to Switzerland, Japan, Germany, China, and many cities in the USA. My career has, at times, demanded flexible and long hours to meet difficult schedules, including too many all-nighters. But I know how important it is to keep a good life balance and believe work isn’t my life, but should augment and fund all the other great things life has to offer. I enjoy bicycling, swimming, and hiking. I designed, built and maintain my own water garden (koi pond with falls and stream). I love all kinds of good music.

Why I am a Mormon

I was 'born in the covenant' as we say in our church, which means I was born to parents who had made their marriage covenants in the Temple of the Lord and had made sacred covenants to obey and honor the laws of God, and love and respect one another eternally. They taught me to love the Lord and obey His will. I made the decision to be baptized and receive the Holy Ghost when I was eight. So in that sense, I've always been a Mormon. But I remember gaining my own independent witness of the truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ a few years later. Two experiences stand out: 1) When I was in 8th grade I had a close friend who wanted to become a pastor. I was impressed with his conviction and knowledge of the bible. We would share bible verses that we both knew and loved. He occasionally challenged my beliefs. I studied the bible like never before. At the same time I determined to finish the Book of Mormon, which I had started a few times, but never finished. One day while reading the Book of Mormon, the knowledge of the reality of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, which it testified of, came rushing into my soul so powerfully. It was the most liberating sensation (if you can simply call it that) I had ever experienced and so infused my being with the love of God (and all mankind it seemed), that I didn't want to ever lose it. It lasted for about three days. The most amazing three days of my life. 2) As a youth I worked flagging for crop dusters in the cotton fields of southern Arizona. We would often work at night when the winds were calm. While waiting for the planes to reload, out there under the beautifully clear desert skies, away from city lights, where the Milky Way was thick and the constellations distinct, I received confirmation that there is a God, and that the wonders and beauties of the universe and this world were not just random happenstance without purpose. All was orderly and had meaning, and I was an important part of it. It was profound and humbling.

How I live my faith

I believe it's important to cheerfully live the gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm not 100% there, but I do try. Gospel principles are a guide for all my decisions. It puts all things in perspective. It explains and gives meaning to everything; the miraculous, the average, and the tragic things of life. Because the church is an all-volunteer organization, there are many opportunities to teach and serve and learn. When I made my baptismal covenants, I committed to be a lifetime volunteer; to serve and help wherever and whenever I am called of God through my ecclesiastical leaders or simply feel prompted by the Spirit to act. It is a wondrous world-wide organization that operates miraculously well in spite of (or perhaps because of) the on-the-job training almost everyone is getting in their respective callings. It is humbling and a cause for heavy (if not total) reliance on the Holy Ghost to guide, direct, and comfort. I've had the opportunity to serve in the children's, youth, and adult organizations. I have volunteered on farms, in canneries, on ranches, at camps, at conferences, in hospitals, at care centers, in prisons, etc. I've had janitorial, administrative, missionary, coaching, ministering, teaching, caring, supporting, building, engineering, disaster relief, and other opportunities as a Mormon volunteer. There is so much good to be done in the world, there can never be too much help. Become a Mormon Volunteer! It's fun, exciting, and/or fulfilling:). You are needed! Everyone has something to offer! Some of the most fulfilling service opportunities come in participating in the saving ordinances of the restored gospel. The Priesthood power entrusted to man once again, enables the authorized performance of baptism, the laying on of hands for the Gift of the Holy Ghost, conferring of priesthood, blessings, and temple ordinances like the sealing of families together. I am so grateful for the blessings and opportunities my Mormon life has afforded me. I love it!