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Hi I'm Brad

I started out in Utah, and ended up in Arizona. I'm a husband, a dad, a small-business owner, a philanthropist, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I live a charmed life. I am madly in love with my wife of 25 years. Together we have 5 children. Our eldest - and only daughter - left the nest and is attending college, the four remaining boys are living at home. We have a hectic, satisfying life with all of the sports, music, homework, and events that you would expect of a suburban family. We like it, Most of my married life I have owned and operated a small business. Being "boss" allowed me freedom to do the things I love. I have coached countless youth basketball and soccer teams, I have traveled to many wonderful places all aver the globe. Part of that freedom has allowed me to do humanitarian work in some of the roughest places on earth. But, at the end of the day, I'm a husband first, and a dad second, and I love to come home. Of course, life isn't always productive: I love to go to movies, and I eat the popcorn (with butter), I love to read, and probably watch too much TV. (Amazing Race & Survivor) Our family loves to travel and experience new sites, sounds and, tastes. I enjoy history - all kinds. We are at our best when we are siting around the kitchen table - post-dinner - just talking with each other. Those are the moments that I cherish the most. Oh yeah, we also have a goofy dog.

Why I am a Mormon

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I have found what I need to know and do. That might sound overly simplistic, but, to me, it is profound. Because of the teachings and the organization of the Church, I have learned what God expects me to know and do in order to return to His presence and live with Him eternally. I have learned that this is a real and attainable goal. And to sweeten it even further, I have know that I can spend forever with my wife an family in God's presence. Could there be anything better? I was born and raised a Mormon, so I had a head start in understanding. But as I got older, and the knowledge began to be put to the test, it became obvious to me that I was not going to be able to continue living that life, with all the expectations, unless I knew that it was real. I needed to know that it was true. As I grew, and learned, I became familiar with the way the Holy Ghost testifies of truth. I learned that belief solidifies, and becomes a surety. There was not an "Aha moment" or a special day when I realized that I had gained my own spiritual witness, but the witness did come. And it was, and is, very real. One of the key things I have ever learned as a member of the Church is that Jesus Christ is real. That He lives. That He loves me. That he has saved me. I know this from years of studying and learning about Him, from trying to live my life like His, and from the Spirit of God enlightening my mind and my heart. I know that Jesus Christ is my God and Savior. I have also learned that knowing Jesus Christ is not enough by itself. He has established a Church to carry out the ordinances that He requires of us. Ordinances like baptism. Those ordinances can only be real if performed with God's authority - or priesthood. I know this priesthood exists in the LDS Church. I have witnessed its miraculous power first-hand, and am privileged to hold that priesthood. Knowing these things makes this earth life worth it.

How I live my faith

There is a sweet children's song that is called "I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus." That simple phrase encapsulates what I am trying to do with my life. As I serve and love others, I grow to be more like Him. As I try and keep the commandments He has given us, I learn to understand Him better, and receive blessings from Him as well. As I serve in the priesthood, I learn how God works, and cares for His children. Right now I am teaching a Sunday School class full of wonderful 15 and 16 year-olds. They are amazing. They are hungry for knowledge of spiritual things. Being around them makes me better. I have also had the sacred opportunity to serve as the bishop of a local congregation of about 500 members. It was an amazing, wonderful experience. I was able to see how much the Lord loves us, and how willing He is to be involved in each of our lives. As a bishop I was also privileged to help "lost souls" return to the arms of the Savior. There is nothing sweeter than seeing someone who is lost in personal darkness emerge into the light of hope. My faith is not a "Sunday-only" faith. it requires services in many different situations and service. Some of the most rewarding moments of my life had everything to do with my faith, and there wasn't a church around for miles. Over the past ten years I have worked with humanitarian groups in Africa. I have learned that the principles taught by the gospel of Jesus Christ can bless a person in Mozambique just like a person in Mesa, Arizona. I feel that when I work with those good people who are living in terrible conditions, I am at my best, and the closest I can get to being like my Savior. Being a husband and father is my first priority. Knowing that there is a potential that we could be together forever is a sweet, ever-present reminder that I must be the best person I can be. I can't imagine that heaven would be all that great without my wife.