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Hi I'm Dave

I live in Colorado. I am the father of 11 children and 12 grandchildren. I am a software engineer and a soccer coach.

About Me

I am a husband of a wonderful wife and a father of 11 wonderful children. Barbara and I have 3 daughters and 8 sons ranging from 32 to 8 years old. I love being a husband and a father. To support my family I work as a software engineer, database designer, and supervisor in a manufacturing plant. I have been blessed to have Barbara be able to be a stay-at-home mother to our children. I have been involved in coaching soccer in our community for about 25 years, have coached recreation, club, and high school teams. Often Barbara and I have coached together, often separately. We have had as many as 7 children playing on 6 different teams with us coaching 4 of the teams at one time. This has brought us together as a family and taught us many wonderful lessons. I also enjoy racquetball, most strategy games, and anything I can do with my family members. With 6 married children and 12 grandchildren, I love it when we can be together with any and all of them.

Why I am a Mormon

I understand that I am a son of God, known and loved by him. I believe that the Bible clearly teaches "We are His offspring". I have felt the love, guidance and acceptance of this most wondrous being and Father many times in my life. He has guided me in all the important decisions and directions of my life. I have had revealed to me in my mind and in my heart many things that could have only come from God. I realize that I have my faults, but I also recognize that even as I love my children with all of their faults and recognize their incredible potential, so also does my Father in Heaven love, accept, and guide me allowing me and helping me to become all that I can in this life as well. Because of this understanding, I understand that God loves all of mankind for they are all his children as well. This gives me the great opportunity and responsibility to also love all of God's children and do all that I can to bless and help them in their lives as well. If all of mankind had such an attitude towards each other regardless of race, religion, nationality, or any other factors we would have a world in which all of us would be much better off. I believe there would be no poverty and much happiness across all the face of the earth. I believe it is the choices of mankind, generally based on selfishness that causes the suffering and unhappiness that exists far too much among the people of the earth today. I believe that individual agency is an essential part of our Father's plan for us on this earth. It is only by being allowed to choose freely for ourselves that we can learn from our experiences and truly become all that we can. While this allows many people to choose poorly and inflict suffering on themselves and others, nevertheless any other way would limit everyone's ability to grow and improve. An understanding of the purpose and meaning of life is central to why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I try to live my faith in a way that I can help and encourage others in this life. My first focus is in caring for and helping the members of my family. I have tried to consistently give my best time to my wife and my children. Having one-on-one time on a regular basis for each individual child has always been a priority to me. Most evenings of my 33 years of married life have included some time with one child, my wife, and myself. Family activities have also been very important. Meals together every day and many other regular group activities have always been important. Time for family is the most important way I try to live my faith. I have been involved in the community and church in many ways. I have been involved as a Boy Scouts of America Scout master / assistant scout master for many years and been on dozens of camps and hundreds of scout activities. I have coached over 70 seasons of soccer spanning recreation, club, and high school helping many kids in the community have meaningful sports activities. I believe that helping others in the community is an important way to live up to the principles I believe. I believe building up the local church and community is our second responsibility after our family. We have a wonderful nation, which I believe was established by the hand of God and which we have a sacred duty to support and strive to improve. I support my nation by being a good citizen, voting, volunteering for and contributing to good causes. The essence of my faith is love for God and love for all his children. I strive to live my faith by being true to that belief.

What is the Law of Chastity?

It has been said that selfishness if the underlying motive of all sin. Selfishness removes our concern for others as we seek to fulfill our own lusts and ambitions, often causing harm to those who are closest to us. Adherence to the moral code, which to me is abstinence from all sexual activity before marriage and complete fidelity within marriage is the single most important standard that we as individuals and a society can set for ourselves. This makes physical intimate relationships between a husband and wife something that sanctifies their marriage as they bring children into their lives and then center their lives on serving and blessing each other and their children as their first priority in life. On the other hand, as people violate this moral code, which we call the Law of Chastity, they become consumed with their own lusts and filled up with selfishness. Children's lives spouse’s lives, and often many other lives are hurt because of the behavior of the immoral person. The effect of this selfishness is easy to see in the spread of AIDS, venereal diseases, in the abuse of children, spouses, and others. I believe there is no greater evil and hard generated in the world than the combined suffering caused by immorality among individuals. I believe there is no greater good done that that which comes from honorable and moral fathers and mothers sacrificing themselves for each other and their family members. Show more Show less