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Hi I'm Keith

I'm a junior in high school. I'm an Eagle Scout. I'm 8th out of 9 kids. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am just like any other junior in high school. I love to hang out with friends, wakeboard, go on dates, and just hang out. But just because I live among all the drugs and swearing at my school doesn't mean I participate. I have had people ask me to do drugs and I just say not, and not just "because I'm a Mormon" but because I choose to take better care of my body than that and it isn't worth the temporary joy and fake friends. And I know that because of that I can get good grades and become a better wakeboarder. I am in a family with 9 kids and I think it is awesome. My older siblings still hang out with me and they are having kids of their own so i get to take care of them like how they took care of me when i was little. I love having 11 nieces and nephews to hang out with and I am excited to have a family of my own one day. Honestly I am not the happiest or most popular person but I love my life for what it is. I have great friends and I know how to just love life. You will almost always see me happy because I just don't let things bring me down but I learn and improve because I know I can overcome my mistakes or trials. My love for laughter probably has an effect on my happiness but it makes it hard when people tell an inappropriate joke because I want to laugh even when it is not funny but just wrong. But I know I can overcome that too over time if I sincerely work on it. And then I know I will be even happier.

Why I am a Mormon

My family has been in the church for a few generations now and I am so grateful for my ancestors that joined because it has made my life so much easier. I know where I came from and where I am going and why I am here. I know for a fact of right and wrong through the gift of the Holy Ghost and it has lead me to become an Eagle scout, have straight 'A's, have a happy life, and not have to worry about the negative consequences because I know I am doing the right thing. I do have my moments where I have sinned but the great thing is I can repent and feel completely clean again instead of being worn down by the things of the world. I love to have that feeling and if it weren't for my ancestors I wouldn't be privileged with the gospel in my life since I was born. I know when I pass on then I will be able to see them and thank them for going through the huge and probably tough decision to join the church. I am so glad that there is a prophet of God that can speak to me and warn me of Satan's evil plans and how to overcome him and his servants that do not have bodies but wish they had one like you and I do. I love knowing that those with bodies can always overcome those without bodies so as long as I do the best I can then I will be conqueror over my adversaries. I love the Lord and all the blessings he has given me including my talents, family, and my job so I can start preparing for life on my own.

How I live my faith

I love talking to members of this church and learning from their experiences, that's why I love home teaching and visiting people to hear their stories and to share a message to them while the Holy Ghost fills the room. I love teaching and having the Comforter be there as a constant companion, making me feel the happiest I can be. Also doing service gives me that feeling, I love to help people in need even when I could use some help myself. Just last Saturday I gave 4 hours of my time to mark water drains to tell people to not litter in the Puget Sound. I know it seems menial and ineffective but I was helping a cause and I loved it. I wish I could do it all day but things like work and school get in the way. But I know those things are needed in life and will be beneficial in the future if not right now. That is why the Church is great because everything your asked to do is beneficial in life and turns out to be more of a blessing than a sacrifice. That is why I choose to serve and help others and be happy because it is worth it to live a good life.