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Hi I'm Morgan

I'm an author. I'm an artist. I'm an Honors kid. I'm a teenager... and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I tell everyone I'm a writer because that's who I am. I love to create, and my general artistic side is very prominent; that's why I've written plenty of stories, drawn many pictures (impressionistic, anime, etc.), create things in general, and plan to paint a mural on my bedroom wall. Also, I'm a teenager. I'm mostly in Honors classes and I've been called a nerd for having all A's--well, except for that B in PE. I play badminton (no, it's NOT a sissy sport) and bike with my dad occasionally (which is whenever he can drag me outside). I live in a loving family with both parents often home and six siblings, three sisters and three brothers, not including me. There's two sisters in college (one married), a brother in college, and a brother on a mission. The rest of us are in our teens. My family is a huge part of my life, and I'm glad for it. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I know I'm not alone. I was born in the church, but like so many, once I became a teen, I really felt like I had to learn for myself. There was a time when I felt like there was nothing. So I decided to review what I knew to be true. I came up with a fact that had been so much part of my life that I'd never considered it: I'm not alone. There's someone out there who knows me, far above what we can comprehend. And so I learned for myself that there is a God. The rest has come slowly, like I'm relearning everything I've learned ever since being a Sunbeam in Primary. But I've started out with my mustard seed of faith, so I'm coming along. I'm still learning, though, and there are things that hit me in a way that strengthens me. One of my favorite examples: In Chronicles of Narnia, The Silver Chair, by C. S. Lewis, there's a part where a character is being told there's no such thing as his hero, the lion Aslan, and that where he came from, Narnia, doesn't exist. His response is something like this: "Even if there is no Aslan, I'm going to be as Narnian as I can, even if there is no Narnia. Because there is an Aslan's side, even if there is no Aslan to lead it." C.S. Lewis being who he is, with all his symbolism, I rewrote the quote in my head as such: "Even if there is no God, I'm going to be as Christian as I can, even if there is no Christ. Because there is a God's side, even if there is no God to lead it." I believe in God with all my heart, but this quote shows the heart of the reason I'm Mormon. Not even looking at my belief, the way Mormons live is the way I want to live, the way we can live and be happy. I'm standing on God's side and I'm going to stay there. I'm Mormon because that's how I was born. Then I became Mormon because that's how I live.

How I live my faith

I'm in the Young Women's program, being just a teen. I help with service projects and I go to church, but the way I live my faith the best is how I live day to day. I have my set of standards that I live. I wear modest clothes, I don't swear, and I keep friends who keep the same standards I do. I go to Seminary, and it helps me get through my day while keeping the spirit. I live my life as best I can in a way that I won't be ashamed the day I stand before Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.