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Hi I'm Mark

I am a ASU Sun Devil (Go Devils) and I am A Mormon.

About Me

I have a Purchasing degree and am a middle manager. I love sports and was a basketball official for the Arizona Interscholastic Assoc. for 25 years, then my knees and back decided its time to retire from what I probably enjoyed the most in my life. I have 6 daughters and one son, and lots of grandkids. My wife and I have been married 27 years. Most of what makes my world go round now is my family,

Why I am a Mormon

My conversion to the Gospel came because of the Book of Mormon. I grew up a Catholic, and a good one. I never missed church and considered myself spiritual. When the Elders taught me when I was almost 20 a lot of what they taught seemed to be things I already knew and they just reminded me that I knew them. Forever families, service, prayers, scriptures, more scriptures. As the Elders challenged me to read the Book of Mormon and then pray if it was the Word of God I felt it was. But Joesph Smith tanslating it, I couldn't by that and he was a prophet, hard to swallow. One night as I was praying about this problem, was Joseph Smith a Prophet, I had an interesting discussion with the Holy Ghost inside my soul. (The Elders had taught me that the Holy Ghost could help me answer my questions when I was praying.) Anyway, I asked the question to myself whether Joseph Smith was a Prophet. I couldn't say yes. Then the spirit ask if I knew the Book of Mormon was the Word of God? I did know that I knew the Book of Mormon was true. The Holy Ghost then said, "and so." I said "What", the Holy Ghost said, "And So!" I was still saying, "What?". Once more the Holy Ghost said, "AND SO!!!!". Sometimes the still small voice doesn't work on all of us, as I was getting ready to be repetative one more time, the light of the Holy Ghost went off in my soul. "And so", if I knew the Book of Mormon was a true word of GOD (And So) Joseph Smith had to be a Prophet of God. The doubt went away and I was ready to be Baptised. Moroni 10: 3-5 promises that if we pray sincerely we may know these things to be true. That is what I did, and the great thing about the Gospel is you can find out the same way for yourself, pray sincerely and the Holy Ghost will help you to know if it is true or not.

How I live my faith

As a member of the Church one of the great things you get to do is be a Home Teacher (men) and Visiting Teacher (women). As a man in the Church I am assigned a few families to Home Teach (usually 3 to 5 families). I get the great opportunity to go these members homes (with a companion) and serve, teach and be a real shepherd to these families. I end up loving these families and pray for them and assist them in whatever way I can. The great thing about this is that my family gets to have a Home teacher come into our home to do the same for us. I beleive that most of us don't go looking for opportunities to serve on our own. We tend to be selfish, just because we are mortal, this helps me to find my better self, my serving self, my Christlike self. How, through service. When I serve others, I am a better Husband, Father, Grandfather, Citizen, employee and self. All Jesus did was serve, and the Church helps me to search out my Christlike attributes, though opportunities to serve such as Home Teaching. We are our brothers keepers.