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Hi I'm Jesse

I fix computers. I play the piano. I listen to talk radio. I sing in my car. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

So, lets cut to the chase: what you REALLY want to know is what Mormon's do in their spare time, aside from going to church meetings. While I can't speak for everyone else who believes in the Book of Mormon, I can tell you what I enjoy doing. I love music. It's awesome and speaks to my soul. I've been playing the piano for nearly 2 decades and there are few things that calm me down faster than sitting in front of those 88 pearly whites. Between the piano and a short and volatile stint as a tambourinist, I've gotten into just about every genre there is. (PS - I'm AWESOME at tambourine). My wife and son are the light of my life. Seriously, spending time with them is the best. I used to think that my life was pretty good, then I got married and realized that there was a big empty hole in my heart before and now I was finally complete. Then, my baby boy arrived. Once again, a new world of joy and happiness was laid in front of me and I can't even imagine how I functioned without both of them in my life. The Gospel of Jesus Christ affects me in the same way - increased potential for joy and happiness with each principle learned.

Why I am a Mormon

Honestly, I was born and raised in the church but I still had a very distinct conversion. As a child, I attended regular Sunday meetings. Week after week, the blessings of being honest, kind, and faithful were repeated with regularity but I didn't see much use for it. In my small world, everyone was nice to each other and helped each other find happiness. Sometime during my sophomore year of high school it became apparent that many of my friends and acquaintances were very unhappy and felt lost and alone. This was so foreign to me! I asked them questions, desperately trying to understand how this came to be. I couldn't fathom that someone just like me could have such feelings. What went wrong? Why didn't their parents help them? Why didn't they confide in siblings to sustain them through hard times? The more I learned the clearer it became: my family was different. The patience and temperance my parents practice is rare; the love and kindness my siblings share with me is uncommon; the Gospel of Jesus Christ had touched my life and created a peaceful and loving environment for me to grow and learn within. This personal revelation shook me. I had thus far taken for granted all of the blessings the Gospel had given me. I resolved to draw closer to my Heavenly Father and also share this marvelous gift with my friends. After attempting to awkwardly share the Book of Mormon with a friend, he asked me how I could be so sure that it was, in fact, a valid record of scripture. I was stumped. I responded that I would research it and would get back to him. I quickly decided that my parents would know the answer and asked my mother how I could obtain this knowledge. She referred me to the words of Moroni and the promise that if I would read and pray about the Book of Mormon, God would tell me it was true. I did as she instructed and received a personal witness through the power of the Holy Ghost. He spoke to my mind and my heart and I knew that it was true.

How I live my faith

I love serving in the church. I currently play piano for my ward choir (so much fun!). We perform about once a month and it's great. Some of my favorite church responsibilities in the past have been working with the Boy Scouts. I enjoy camping and outdoor activities so it's fun to teach the rising generation about nature (Which bugs are edible) and how to tie knots. The absolute pinnacle of my scouting service was teaching a group of 11 year old scouts how to paint by showing them Bob Ross videos on the internet. Seriously, it's crazy to think they don't know what "happy clouds" are or why I only like artists who have afros. My wife and I also try and volunteer outside of church responsibilities. We've been able to help with Special Olympic events, food canning for distribution across the world, knitting clothing for orphanages, and assembling hygiene kits to send to those affected by natural disasters. There are few things in life as rewarding as helping others and opportunities to serve pour into our lives as a result of being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

It only makes sense that since God has called prophets in the past, He will continue to call them today. The easiest way to put the words of a prophet to the test is to live them and see what happens. I promise that if you seek out the teachings of prophets like Thomas Monson or Gordon Hinckley, you will come to realize a greater degree of peace and happiness in your life. Show more Show less