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Hi I'm Lesley

I'm just a girl from Texas who grew up & turned into a Mom. I'm now raising 4 kids, a husband & a very fat cat. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a mom of 4 kids. Two I adopted at birth and two I became pregnant with 10 years later (after I was told I wouldn't ever be able to become pregnant). ALL four of my kids are miracles to me. My kids range from 5yrs old to 19; the youngest just started kindergarten & the oldest leaves for college in a few months. I am married to a remarkable man...I truly believe he was meant for me and me for him. My family is my entire world; though now that everyone is in school...I am finding myself looking at my life & thinking of all those things I have always wanted to try, or learn or do and realizing I now have the extra time to DO THEM! Volunteer with foster kids, take a cooking class, pilates & yoga, kick boxing, write a book...the list goes on! My oldest son has Autism which I learned of when he was very young. It was a tough time for me when I realized the road ahead would be rough for my son (and for me, knowing I would have to watch his struggles and not be able to stop them or take them away from him). My knowledge that we have a Father in Heaven who knows and loves every one of us gives me comfort during those tough moments; He knows me...He knows my son. When people say "He is so lucky to have you guys as his parents to love & teach him;" we look at each other and grin, knowing in OUR hearts that this boy is a gift to US. He teaches us WAY more than we teach him! Love, patience, humility, humor, service and mostly that what really matters is family.

Why I am a Mormon

Why am I a Mormon? My parents were Mormon, my grandparents were Mormon SO ... I have been attending this church all my life... 40+ years. Because of my family I grew up walking in the doors of the beautiful chapel every week, but at some point I realized I wanted to know what THEY knew. Why did THEY go every week. Why did THEY pray? And WHO did they pray to? Why did THEY read the scriptures & what did THEY find so comforting about that? Who was the Prophet THEY listened too and talked about? And who was Jesus Christ who the church was named for? I wanted to know Him for myself. There really does come a time in everyone's life when they have to figure things out for themselves. That time came in mine. I don't recall the exact age but I know it was a time when I needed to know if my Heavenly Father knew ME, personally. All my life I was told He did, and I believed it, but I really needed to KNOW it. I prayed, a lot, read a lot of scriptures and I read a lot of things the Prophet of the church was saying. Growing up I was taught that when you get a warm feeling in your heart, that is the Spirit speaking to you, the 'still small voice.' I did find those answers after much prayer and searching. I know I was sent here for a reason. I know God has a plan for me. He provided us with a Savior, Jesus Christ, who came to earth to set the example for us and show us HOW to live. And that God has provided us the way to come back to live with Him again forever with our families. I know a loving Father would not leave us alone so He has given us a living Prophet on the earth today that He speaks to; a man called by God to help guide us during these rough times to help us as we raise our families and try to make choices that will lead us back to our Heavenly home. I can think of nothing greater than to be with my family forever; I know if I follow the Savior, this can happen for us.

How I live my faith

One of the best things about our faith, to me, is the opportunity I am always given to serve others! I have had the chance to teach children of ALL ages...3yrs to 18yrs. There is something quite incredible about watching the eyes of a child when you see them learn and come to understand they are a Child of God because of something you shared with them. And something even greater when, through a lesson you have prayerfully planned, a teenager learns for themselves through the 'still small voice' that they are loved by a Father in Heaven. Over the years I have had the chance, along with many others, to plan summer camps for the young women in our church ages 12 to 18. During this camp the girls spend a week with no boys, no cell phones, no parents; they go to learn more about THEIR divine nature & individual worth. They have fun making new friends, learning new skills, and working on their own relationship with their Heavenly Father. I also had the fantastic opportunity to help plan several youth conferences for young women & young men 14-18. These weekends consist of dances, service projects, workshops; where the youth can come together and learn more about the gospel of Jesus Christ. At these conferences they are able to be around other youth with their same 'standards' and they get the chance to socialize as well as share their thoughts & feelings about the gospel. I have no expertise in these areas...just a love for the gospel of Jesus Christ and a desire for the youth to learn about it. I have had chances to offer the hand of friendship to someone in need by delivering a meal, cleaning a home or just visiting with someone who needed a friend. I always feel happier in my OWN life when I am serving someone else. My children are learning to serve. They are learning to be more like the Savior, Jesus Christ by serving their fellow man. I can't think of a better way for them to learn about His gospel then by living it.