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Hi I'm Sonja

I'm from Arizona, and I LOVE this place. I'm a wife, mom, musician, dental hygienist and triathlete. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am absolutely, 100% in love with the outdoors. I see a mountain and I want to be climbing it. Doing anything outdoors just makes me happy, and makes me forget about life's challenges. I am a triathlete. My ability to compete in triathlons changes from time to time because of health concerns, but when I have the green light, I love to race! My husband and I often race together, which makes for some fun family time. I completed my first Ironman last year......it was one of the most excruciating, painful and best days of my life. I am also a musician. I started playing the violin when I was 3 years old. Bless my mother, for putting up with a stubborn 3 year old who demanded to play that musical instrument. I started out learning how to hold a violin and care for it by using a ruler taped to a cake box. I would walk around with that cake box under my chin, thinking I was the worlds greatest violinist. As the years wore on, my passion for music increased and it became and still is a motivating force for good in my life. I face a physical challenge that is often painful for me. It is nearly impossible for me to have children. After 8 years of infertility treatment, my husband and I were blessed with a son. I don't have words to describe what happened to me when he came...he changed me. I feel like my heart started beating for the first time when I saw him, and all the years and pain and trials that precluded him were worth it a million times over and then some.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because it makes me happy. Simply, I believe, with all that I have to believe in, that this Gospel of Jesus Christ contains all of the truth available to mankind. That truth is what helps me to get up every day, to do the hard things as well as the happy things. I'm a Mormon because I believe that life goes on after I die. I'm a Mormon because I know that someday, no matter when or how death may separate me from my loved ones, someday, I will be with all that I love, for all eternity. It is easy to get caught up in the stress and "to do" list of life. In fact that is so much of life, it's quite challenging to step away from it. But when I do step away from all of those demands, even though I always know it, I am reminded of the most important things in this life. And those things are actually not things, but people. I have had really great times of life, and I have had really devastating and painful times of life. In regards to the tough times, I get through them because of the peace and strength that God as well as our Savior, Jesus Christ give me. I pray to God, He listens, and answers my prayers. Often my prayers are not answered in the way that I ask for them to be. But the fact remains that God hears me, He loves me, and He blesses me in ways that are for my best good. His love and peace allow me to be happy when things don't quite pan out how I would hope. He grants me strength to endure, and when I feel I can't endure any longer our Savior, Jesus Christ, lifts my burden for me. This is real. I know it because these are my life experiences. I know what truth is, I know for myself that there is a God, and He has a Son named Jesus Christ, and he atoned for all of our sins, pain, suffering and weaknesses. Someday, somehow, because of this, ALL will be made right in the world. We can all be healed from our pains and sorrows, we can all be with our loved ones forever, we can all be happy and have purpose. This is why I'm a Mormon.

How I live my faith

Until recently, I have been assigned to work with youth for the past nearly 10 years. I have taught and been taught by girls ages 12-18. I prepared Sunday lessons, as well as weekly activities for the girls to learn life skills, learn about the Gospel, or just have some plain old fun and good times. These young women have become my friends, my family. Over the years the more I served, the more I loved, and boy do I love them! My husband is in charge of the young men, but particularly concentrates on 16-18 year olds. He is often involved in Scouting and takes the boys on a camp out at least once a month. Because of his assignment, I feel doubly lucky, because I often get to be around amazing guys. I love those boys as sons, as I love those girls as daughters. Recently my assignment changed to work with younger girls, 8 and 9 year olds. Along with another woman at church, we plan activities as well for these girls. We do everything from service projects to cupcake competitions. These girls make me happy, they are so full of life and joy, and are so eager to live a good life and make good decisions. I must say, that no matter the age, I LOVE young people. I know that many people struggle with them, especially teenagers. But inside some of those seemingly tough shells are AMAZING, quality souls filled with light, just needing to be unconditionally loved. Because my husband and I couldn't have our own family for so many years, these young people became part of our own family. I wish I had the words adequate to share the power for good that I've seen in teenagers. I am a better person for having the opportunity to serve them and to teach them, though if the truth be known, I am the one who was taught.